Capital Projects by Paul Barshop published by Wiley



What Every Executive Needs to Know to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Make Investments Pay Off

15 September 2016 – New York, USA –John Wiley & Sons, Inc., one of America’s largest publishers of technical, educational and management books has announced the publication of Capital Projects: What Every Executive Needs to Know to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Make Major Investments Pay Off (Wiley; Available Now; ISBN: 978-1-119-11921-0; $40; Cloth)

160915-pmwj51-barshop-bookThe book provides an empirically-based framework for capital project strategy and implementation, based on the histories of over 20,000 capital projects ranging from $50,000 to $40 billion. Derived from the detailed, carefully normalized database at preeminent project consultancy IPA, this solid framework is applicable to all types of capital investment projects large and small, in any sector, including technology, life sciences, petroleum, consumer products, and more.

Although grounded in empirical research and rigorous data analysis, Capital Projects is not an academic discussion or a conceptual dissertation; it’s a practical, actionable, on-the-ground guide to making your project succeed. Clear discussion tackles the challenges that cause capital projects to fail or underperform, and lays out exactly what it takes to successfully manage a project using real-world methods that apply at any level.

Businesses report that 60 percent of their projects fail to meet all business objectives, and IPA’s database shows that projects’ final average net present value undershoots initial estimates by 28 percent. Capital Projects provides concrete, actionable solutions to help you avoid the pitfalls and lead the way toward a more positive outcome.

Paul Barshop is Chief Operating Officer of IPA (www.IPAGlobal.com), a preeminent capital projects consultancy. In this role, Paul is responsible for IPA’s day-to-day operations, including implementation of IPA’s business plans.

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