Candidates and Coordinators for Organizational Project Management Maturity Research sought in USA


1 October 2012 – Boston, MA, USA – Project management maturity research is now underway in the United States based on the Maturity by Project Category Model developed in Brazil by Professor Darci Prado and by project management pioneer Russell Archibald.  Significant results have emerged from Brazil, based on research directed by Prof Prado involving various types of organizations in Brazil over the last seven years. That research, along with a free organizational project management maturity assessment, can be seen on website www.maturityresearch.com.

Prado and Archibald are now launching a PM Maturity Research Program in the USA and are seeking coordinators, sponsors and candidate organizations for the research.  Prof Prado can provide information to those who might have an interest in getting involved.  Contact [email protected].

Prof Prado is available to meet with academic leaders at major US universities who might have an interest in getting involved.  Website support, questionnaires and guidance will be provided by Prof Prado and Russ Archibald, among others. The website allows also a professor or graduate student to coordinate and conduct its own PM maturity research among US organizations, using the Maturity by Project Category Model.

Benefits to participating universities, professors and graduate students can include:

  • Research results that can be published in academic journals;
  • Research results that can be used to support PhD program or thesis
  • Entrée into corporations employing program/project management
  • Opportunities to assist those corporations improve their PM capabilities, to advance on the PM maturity spectrum, based on the results of assessments
  • Opportunities to provide PM education, training and consulting support to those organizations that want to advance their PM maturity

Much more information about the maturity model and research conducted in Brazil can be found on www.maturityresearch.com.  On the website you will find information to evaluate the maturity of your organization and to benchmark the results against research carried out in Brazil. Participants in the future research will be able to compare the results of your organization with other organizations of the same business sector or that implement projects of the same category as your organization.  On the website, readers can find, review and learn from the assessment that is used during the research.

The researchers are also interested in launching similar PM maturity research in other countries in the near future in order to create a robust global database of maturity results for benchmarking.

Maturity Assessment

Unlike most PM maturity assessment processes, the MPCM and assessment developed by Prado and Archibald are easy to implement, requiring only 60-90 minutes to complete the questionnaire (depending on the size and complexity of the department or organization). The core of the survey is a set of 40 questions to evaluate, in a very accurate way, the maturity of a department within an organization.  It is important that the questions are answered seriously and with honesty, and with consistent knowledge of the Project Management techniques used in the department that is being evaluated.   This is a much faster and more cost effective approach than any other PM maturity assessment process in the world.  The results can be provided immediately upon completion of the questionnaire.

Through this process and the website it is possible to evaluate the maturity in project management of private companies, third sector and governmental organizations under direct or indirect administration.

Dimensions of the Model

The objective of the model is to evaluate the project management maturity of an organization, department or sector within each project category that exists within their organization. The model has the following characteristics:

  • 5 different levels and 6 dimensions (see figure below)
  • Considers processes, people, technology and strategy
  • Adheres to PMBOK (PMI) and ICB (IPMA)

Darci Prado is a consultant for INDG (Institute for Managerial Development).He majored in Chemical Engineering and also has postgraduate work in Economics Engineering and Logistics and Doctored in Engineering by UNICAMP. He worked for IBM and was an associate teacher at the Engineering Science College at UFMG. He wrote a series of 7 books about Project Management, published under INDG-Tecs. He is also the creator of MEPCP methodology, the PMMM maturity model and SISGEP software for project management. He has consulted for dozens of Brazilian companies and has trained more than 2,000 professionals all over Brazil.

Darci collaborated on the foundation of PMI chapters in Minas Gerais and Paraná states, and was a board member of the Minas Gerais chapter from 1998 to 2002. He has been a member of the Consulting Board of PMI-MG and is a member of the Editorial Council of “Mundo PM” magazine.  His college experience includes graduate and postgraduate training at UFMG, Dom Cabral foundation and UNICAMP.  His book, “Maturidade em Gerenciamento de Projetos ” (Project Management Maturity), 2nd edition published under INDG-Tecs, is a pioneer reference book in Brazil.  E-mail: [email protected]

Russell D. Archibald, PhD (Hon), MScME (U Texas Austin1956), BSME (U Missouri 1948), PMP, Fellow PMI (member No. 6) and Honorary Fellow APM-UK/IPMA (member of the Board of IPMA/INTERNET 1974-83), held engineering and executive positions in aerospace, petroleum, telecommunications, and automotive industries in the USA, France, Mexico and Venezuela. Russ had 9 years of active duty as a pilot officer with the U.S. Army Air Corps and the U. S. Air Force.

Since 1982 he has consulted to companies, agencies and development banks in 16 countries on 4 continents, and has taught project management principles and practices to thousands of managers and specialists around the world.

Russ is the author of the book Managing High-Technology Programs and Projects, 3rd Edition 2003, published in English, Russian, Italian, and Chinese.  He has published other books (in English, Italian, Japanese, and Hungarian) and many papers on project management.  Russ received the Jim O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 from the PMI College of Scheduling. Website: http://russarchibald.comRuss can be contacted at [email protected].

For more information about this research program, please contact Prof Prado at [email protected].  Visit www.maturityresearch.com to learn more about the maturity model and research results to date.