Canadian Researchers seek Case Studies and Participants for Research related to Role of PMO in Integrating Change Management with Project Management


28 December 2013 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Project Management and change management are considered discrete management approaches, which require specific roles, methods and terminologies. While differentiation between these approaches provides clear structure and alignment; on the other hand, the practical application of project management and change management especially in the project-based organization calls for these approaches to be amalgamated at an organizational level as well as at an individual level contributing to improved management quality. 

yellow change ahead road sign and copyspace for text messageThe specific aims of this research are to develop and interpret research hypotheses, to develop viable models, and to demonstrate the benefits and the process of integrating project management and change management approaches. Further, this research will describe the relationship between projects and change, as well as describe the organizational and individual integration of project management and change management.  This research will also explore the role of the PMO if an integration management model applies.

The research seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the benefits that organizations gain in integrating project management and change management approaches?
  2. How can project management and change management be integrated?
  3. What is the role of the PMO, if an integration model is applied? 

The research is based on the organizational paradigm of the Social Systems Theory (Luhmann 1995) and the epistemological paradigm of the Radical Constructivism (von Glasersfeld 1995) which are combined with a qualitative research approach (Cresswell 1994, Yin 2003). In this research project the following research methods are applied: Literature review, qualitative interviews with managers of project, and change management offices, case studies and focus group workshops (Morgan 1997) with experts from academia and practice to ensure the viability of the research results and to reflect them.

Research outcomes will lead to providing contributions to the literature and best practices with models for integrating project management and change management, and incorporating findings into current practices of project and change management. Finally the role of PMO as an integrated management office for project and change can consider new models of success if integration is possible.

The research will be conducted by By Dr.Waffa Karkukly, PhD, MIT PMP, ACP; Prof. Laurence Lecoeuvre, PhD; and Dr. Kathy Cowan-Sahadath, PhD, MBA, MA.  For more information or to participate, contact Dr. Waffa Karkukly at [email protected].