Call for Papers for PM World Journal 60th Edition


Articles and papers for 5th year anniversary edition invited

18 June 2017 – Dallas, London, Sydney – The July 2017 edition of the PM World Journal (PMWJ) will be the 60th consecutive monthly edition, marking the five year anniversary of the digital publication. Project management practitioners, experts and researchers around the world are invited to submit original works for publication in the PMWJ related to any aspect of program or project management.   Questions or original works can be emailed to [email protected]

Since August 2012, more than 2200 original works by 939 different authors in 65+ countries have been published in the PMWJ. Those works are now contained in the “PM World Collection” in the PM World Library (PMWL) at http://www.pmworldlibrary.net/. All authors whose work appears in the PMWJ receive an author page in the PMWL Author Showcase where their works can be found and easily accessed. Each month’s new works are featured on the PMWL home page.

According to Managing Editor David Pells, “July represents a significant milestone for the journal, our five year anniversary. We’ve tried to publish articles and papers in formats that can be useful for people and organizations in many industries and locations around the world. Based on feedback from authors and readers, it seems to be working.”

“Just as importantly, we offer professionals and experts a vehicle for sharing knowledge and receiving recognition,” Pells adds. “Too many websites publish good content but don’t identify the authors, which I don’t think is right. The creators of new knowledge should be duly recognized for their contributions. I also don’t think content should be separated from the authors, whose backgrounds and experience often provide important context for whatever is written.”

Researchers and practicing professionals are invited to submit an original article or paper for publication in the PM World Journal. For author guidelines, visit https://pmworldjournal.net/authors/author-guidelines/. All works published in the PMWJ are archived in the PM World Library.

The PM World Journal (PMWJ) is registered with the US Library of Congress (ISSN 2330-4480) and is indexed by EBSCO, one of the world’s largest providers of databases for corporations, libraries and schools. To read the latest edition, go to https://www.pmworldjournal.net/.

The PMWJ is produced by PM World, which also maintains the PM World Library (PMWL), a global resource for continuous learning in portfolio, program and project management (P/PM). To learn more, visit http://www.pmworldlibrary.net/.