Call for Papers on managing Infrastructure Megaprojects reissued



PMWJ renews call for papers on planning and managing large infrastructure projects and programmes – air, rail, road, sea, waterworks and more

29 September 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – PM World is renewing its call for papers on the topic of planning and managing megaprojects. Articles and papers on this topic were first invited in June 2014, with many new works received. Based on the interest in the topic, the call for papers on megaproject management has been reissued.

140929-pmwj27-infrastructure-IMAGE2As mentioned in the previous call for papers (see June article), The McKinsey Global Institute (2013) “estimates global infrastructure spending will be US$3.4 trillion per year between 2013 and 2030” and The Economist: “infrastructure spending in emerging economies at US$2.2 trillion annually for the period 2009-2018”. All major development banks are calling for more investment in infrastructure in emerging markets worldwide.

According to Managing Editor David Pells, “Prof Bent Flyvbjerg at Oxford has stated that 90% of megaprojects fail to meet cost, schedule or performance objectives, especially transportation infrastructure projects. Clearly more knowledge is needed on this topic.”

“How can so many highly educated and experienced experts get these projects so wrong?” Pells added. “There seems to be plenty of research underway, with a lot of smart people trying to understand the problems. But I suspect there may be some unseen issues and causes at work. If you have some experience or knowledge on this subject, please consider sharing it in a PMWJ article or paper.”

Researchers, practitioners and experts are invited to submit an original article or paper related to planning and managing infrastructure megaprojects for publication in the PM World Journal. Industry executives are also invited to share their knowledge or opinions as well.

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