Call for Papers for IRNOP 2017 at Boston University



The Modern Project: Mindsets, Toolsets, and Theoretical Frameworks – Papers due 31 January 2016 for world’s foremost project management research conference

23 September 2016 – Boston, MA, USA – During 11-14 June 2017, the IRNOP conference will be hosted by Metropolitan College, a multi-disciplinary school within Boston University (BU). Metropolitan College is globally recognized for the excellence and academic rigor of its project management programs, and for its pioneering stance in the development of online education.

160923-pmwj51-irnop-bu-logoIRNOP, the International Research Network on Organizing by Projects, is the world’s largest network of academic researchers in the program and project management field.  In keeping with its vibrant international spirit, the bi-annual IRNOP conference has been held in 12 cities across the globe since it began. This is the first time that the IRNOP conference has been held in the USA.

A “Call for Papers” has now been issued for the INOP 2017 research conference, the largest of its kind.  IRNOP 2017 website: http://irnopboston.org/

IRNOP 2017 theme

The theme of the 2017 IRNOP conference is The Modern Project: Mindsets, Toolsets, and Theoretical Frameworks. Project management is evolving, and over the last two decades it has shifted from a set of tools that could assist in the execution of actions, to a more complex and dynamic set of process-based and behaviorally-based activities, underpinned by a growing and significant body of research. The modern understanding of the project domain embraces complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty in turbulent environments, and has moved towards an

alignment with broader academic concepts, including complex adaptive systems, operations management, improvisational working practices, and evidence-based management.

IRNOP 2017 is an opportunity to examine the progress made in developing, synthesizing, and challenging the increasing body of knowledge and theory in the project domain, and to assess the current standing of the project-based knowledge base. It may also be an opportune moment to increase our linkages to wider organizational theory, and to consider project management’s interactions with knowledge management and knowledge generation, with change management, with organizational behavior and theory, and with other academic domains. At IRNOP 2017 we also offer the opportunity to examine the research-based foundations for the management of the modern project.

The scope of this call for papers is deliberately drawn widely, to encourage a range of submissions covering many topics and themes, including behavioral and process areas, tools and techniques, and theoretical frameworks. Authors are encouraged to reach beyond the usual boundaries of the project domain, and to embrace innovative approaches to defining and developing our understanding of the modern project.

Submission guidelines

Authors are invited to submit full papers of no more than 8,000 words. Papers should be formatted according to APA/Harvard guidelines and include:

  • Title page
  • Abstract [200 words or less]
  • Keywords
  • References
  • Illustrations and tables, with captions
  • Biographical details for each author

Please submit a pdf of your full paper to [email protected] by 31st January 2017.


The International Research Network on Organizing by Projects (IRNOP) was founded in 1993 as a community of scholars and practitioners with a common passion for projects and project organizing in temporary organizations. The IRNOP network includes members from all over the world, with cross-disciplinary backgrounds in business, economics, engineering and management. The network prides itself on its independence – avoiding any central administration – and aims to share local project initiatives and innovations on an international platform.  For more about IRNOP, visit http://www.irnop.org/