Call for Papers on Agility in Project Management



PM World Journal invites articles and papers about agile program and project management processes and experience

26 April 2017 – Dallas, London, Sydney – Project management practitioners, experts and researchers around the world are invited to submit original works for publication in the PM World Journal related to agility in program or project management.   Articles and papers are sought that describe experience, best practices, issues and solutions related to managing projects with agility, or using agile techniques.

Since the Agile Manifesto was published in 2001 for managing software projects, Agile project management has grown in popularity around the world, not only for software development but across most information systems/technology and many other industries. While Agile PM generally remains most useful for relatively small teams, and sometimes multiple small teams, it has stimulated widespread interest in the broader use of more “agility” in program and project management.

What does agility really mean in the program/project management context?  What are some examples of agile decision making, organizations where it has been employed, or successful agile project management?  What are the trade-offs, the risks or rewards?  When or where should agility be increased or too much agility be avoided?  Answers to these and many other questions are welcome.

Submitted works for publication can be in any of the following categories:

  • Featured Papers – research based, conference quality, professional papers
  • Student Papers – research reports or papers created for university courses
  • Case Studies – descriptions of real world applications of Agile or agility
  • Advisory Articles – how to implement agile or improve agility
  • Commentaries – short opinion pieces on any related topic
  • Personal Story – discussion of personal experience
  • Creative Works – art, fiction, play, poetry or other imaginative creation
  • Second Edition – previously published paper, if author retains copyright

Questions or original works can be submitted to [email protected].

According to Managing Editor David Pells, “There remains quite a lot of debate about the applicability of Agile project management for many industries and types of projects.  The concept of agility, however, would seem to be widely useful.  Maybe we can attract some knowledge or perspective on this topic.”

“Many traditional project management models and standards are based on well-established project lifecycle models and systematic approaches,” Pells adds.  “For some projects and organizations, agility and/or agile project management might then carry more risks. So what does experience show?”

Researchers, practitioners and experts are invited to submit an original article or paper for publication in the PM World Journal.  For author guidelines, visit https://pmworldjournal.net/authors/author-guidelines/. All works published in the PMWJ are archived in the PM World Library.

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Editor’s note: We do not publish topic-specific editions of the PM World Journal.  Works received in response to this call for papers can be published at any time in the future, so please consider emailing an article or paper on this topic now or later to [email protected]