Call for Papers: Project Management in Financial Institutions


PM World Journal invites articles and papers about project, program and portfolio management in local, regional, national and international banks

7 October 2015 – Dallas, London, Sydney – Project management practitioners, experts and researchers around the world are invited to submit original works for publication in the PM World Journal related to leading managing projects and programs in the financial sector.  Articles and papers are sought that describe experience, best practices, issues and solutions related to planning, organizing, initiating and managing projects in financial institutions.

151007-pmwj39-project-BANK IMAGEWhether in developing or mature economies, the efficient and successful operation of financial institutions is often critical for growth and stability. In the case of national banks and international institutions, the impact of successful policies, systems and activities are often far reaching. Program and project management in those organizations should be very important.

Projects might include development and rollout of new policies, processes, systems or facilities, organizational change projects or involvement in external projects – even the financing of projects.

Subjects for original works might include:

  • Featured Papers – research results related to specific issues, conditions or locations.
  • Advisory Articles – how to organize, prioritize, plan and implement projects in financial institutions. How to solve problems!
  • Personal Stories and Case Studies – description of how projects were identified, organized, initiated and managed in your institution.
  • Commentaries – personal opinions on this issue; what do you really think?
  • Second Editions – older works previously presented at conferences or previously published that address this topic

Questions or original works can be submitted to [email protected].

According to Managing Editor David Pells, “In August I had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Bruno Peres Aguiar, head of the PMO at the Central Bank of Brazil. In September we published a paper on project management maturity at the Brazilian Central Bank co-authored by Mr. Aguiar, Prof Darci Prado and Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto. Through those discussions and the paper, I learned the fascinating story of how serious enterprise-wide project management was successfully implemented inside the central bank in one of the largest countries in the world.”

“But what about project management in other central banks, and in small and large commercial banks,” Pells adds. “I’ve known project management professionals working on IT projects in large banks, but are they one-off projects? Are PMO’s wide-spread in the financial sector? In the Brazilian Central Bank, the top management team reviews projects on a regular basis. Is that common elsewhere?”

“The World Bank has fairly well established project planning and implementation procedures, but what about other financial institutions? This seems an important topic; let’s explore project management across the financial sector.”

Researchers, practitioners and experts are invited to submit an original article or paper for publication in the PM World Journal. Banking industry executives and managers are also invited to share their knowledge and experience. For author guidelines, visit https://pmworldjournal.net/authors/author-guidelines/. All works published in the PMWJ are archived in the PM World Library.

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Editor’s note: We do not publish topic-specific editions of the PM World Journal. Works received in response to this call for papers can be published at any time in the future, so please consider emailing an article or paper on this topic now or later to [email protected]