Call for Papers on Resilience and Project Management


PM World Journal invites articles and papers about resilience for projects, programs, organizations and leaders

21 December 2015 – Dallas, London, Sydney – Project management practitioners, experts and researchers around the world are invited to submit original works for publication in the PM World Journal related to resilience.  Articles and papers are sought that describe experience, best practices, issues and solutions related to preparing for, responding to or recovering from emergencies, disasters or extreme change.

151221-pmwl-resilience-IMAGEResilience has been defined as “the capacity to anticipate risk, limit impact and bounce back rapidly through survival, adaptability, evolution and growth in the face of turbulent change.” (Prieto, et al, 2015: ref 1) “Resilience is the ability to reduce the magnitude and/or duration of disruptive events of scale.” (Prieto, 2015: ref 2)

Resilience is “the ability to resist, absorb, recover from, or successfully adapt to adversity or change of conditions such as a terrorist attack, hurricane, earthquake or technological failure (dam collapse or power plant failure, for example.” (DHS 2009, ref 2)

Subjects for original works might include:

  • Featured Papers – research results related to resilience in projects or project management, or related to disaster response and recovery.
  • Advisory Articles – how to create or encourage more resilience in project organizations and teams
  • Personal Stories and Case Studies – examples of resilience in PM.
  • Commentaries – personal opinions on this issue; what do you think?
  • Second Editions – older works previously presented at conferences or previously published that address this topic

Questions or original works can be submitted to [email protected].

According to Managing Editor David Pells, “Resilience has become a major topic in the project management field recently. We have even published some articles in the PMWJ on this topic. But it really is a big subject, considering how many organizations, industries, cities, countries and programs and projects around the world are impacted by significant and unexpected changes.”

“In light of the global impact of climate change, natural disasters and the horrific terrorism spawned by ISIS, resilience has become a very important topic among world leaders,” Pells adds. “It’s also incredibly important in the project management field, where risks associated with disasters or other disruptive changes can be catastrophic. We would like to grow the resource base on this topic in the PM World Library during 2016.”

Researchers, practitioners and experts are invited to submit their original article or paper for publication in the PM World Journal. For author guidelines, visit https://pmworldjournal.net/authors/author-guidelines/. All works published in the PMWJ are archived in the PM World Library.

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Editor’s note: We do not publish topic-specific editions of the PM World Journal. Works received in response to this call for papers can be published at any time in the future, so please consider emailing an article or paper on this topic now or later to [email protected]


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