Call for Papers issued for 2014 African Project and Program Management Conference in Ghana


25 August 2013 – Accra, Ghana – A Call for Papers has been issued for the 2014 African Project and Program Management Conference (APPMC) to be held in Accra during 23-28 June 2014.  The event is being organized by the Direct Leadership Institute (DLI) in association with the American Academy of Project Management ® (AAPM®).

130825-pmwj14-APPMC- imageConference organizers invite the submission of papers on substantial, original, and unpublished research in all aspects of project and program management. After the conference, selected papers will be published in the PM World Journal (pmworldjournal.net), an online publication devoted to knowledge creation and sharing, and continuous learning in the field of modern program and project management.

Topic areas: 

* Managing Sustainability and Climate Change in Projects and Programs

* Project and Program Governance in Africa

* Strategic need for integrating procurement management with project, program and portfolio management

* Procurement bills and their positive implications across major stakeholders in Africa. The framework and its applications.

* Contract law, drafting and its challenges in projects and programs: key cases in public and private sector.

* Contract Management

* Project Scope Management: the case of Oil and Gas industry

* The role of multi-donor agencies and the private sector in succeeding in Project and Programs in Africa. Key lessons.

* Corporate Finance

* Effective Monitoring and Evaluation for project sustainability

* Project Reporting, tools and applications (Specific Software and its applications), the practical approach.

* 4 Dimensional sectorial approach to Effective Project and Program Management – Oil and Gas, Telecom, Mining and Construction. Theory meets practice.

* Effective Energy Management as key catalyst in project delivery and sustainability.

* Health, Environment, Safety Management and Compliance.

* Host Community Relations

* The role of Strategic Communication and ICT -New trends and Cloud Computing for Project Execution.

Participants with accepted papers will be asked to present a professional paper (5 – 15 pages) for the conference proceedings.

Paper format:

The paper should be available in PDF. It must be paginated. Use font size 14 New Times Roman. Sections are marked by skipping a line.

The use of notes should be limited. Notes can be used for factual information and references that will not distract the reader.

Use endnotes, where notes are placed in a separate section after the article text.

Quotes: always written in italics and double quotes

Finally, the provide the following information : name, education, occupation, place of employment, e-mail address.

The deadline for papers is Friday, January 3, 2014, 2014. Papers should be sent to [email protected] 

To see information about the 2013 African Project and Program Management Conference, go to website: www.appmconference.org 

For more information, contact [email protected].