Business Leadership for IT Projects – New Book by Gary Lloyd published by Gower


25 September 2013 – London, UK – Gower Publishing in UK has announced the publication of a new book by Gary Lloyd, Business Leadership for IT Projects.  Gary Lloyd is a programme and project management specialist who helps organisations and individuals deliver value from their projects and programmes through consultancy, mentoring, coaching, training and project assurance.

130925-pmwj15-lloyd-IMAGEAccording to the Gower notice, the track record of IT projects is poor. Less than a third of IT projects deliver what they said they would, on schedule and on budget. The major cause of IT project failure is not, as you might expect, poor IT leadership or difficult technology but poor business leadership.

One of the reasons for this is that, unlike their IT peers, business managers often get little training or education in project delivery, let alone the special case represented by an IT project. Business Leadership for IT Projects addresses the gap by providing tools and ideas that are applicable to all sizes of IT projects, from those in large multinational corporations, down to small growing businesses. It sets out the key project touchpoints where business leadership can have a major impact on project success.

The book combines psychological research and project best practice to create a practical toolbox that can be dipped into, as needs arise, or followed as an overall approach to IT project leadership.

The toolbox weaves together three key strands of thought. First, that the concept of value should be at the forefront of project design and delivery. Second, that business managers need to take active leadership of IT projects to secure value. Third, that project teams need tools to slow down their thinking and ensure that actions and decisions are well thought through.

Gary Lloyd works with clients to both lower project risk and to develop organisational and individual delivery capability. He has been helping businesses to deliver IT enabled change for over 20 years. His roles have ranged from being the business leader who drives the change, through to being a trusted advisor to CEO’s and COO’s, helping them to get value from their projects, programmes and ventures.  Gary has worked across a variety of countries and cultures that include various European countries, Japan, India, Hong Kong and the USA.

Business Leadership for IT Project, by Gary Lloyd, published by GOWER; September 2013, 188 pages, hard cover, ISBN 978-1-409456902; List price = £44.55; more at http://www.gowerpublishing.com/isbn/9781409456902

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