Buffalo Outer Harbor Project moves forward



$5 Million Improvement Plan approved for Buffalo Harbor State Park plus 160 acres on Buffalo’s Lake Eire waterfront

Reported by Alexander Ehms in Buffalo

15 November 2015 – Buffalo, NY, USA – The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) has approved a $5 million improvement plan for creating more activity on the Buffalo lakefront. The ECHDC has chosen a management firm “B.R. Guest, Ltd,” a subsidiary of Rich Products. Their job is going to entail getting the Outer Harbor up and running, creating an environment that will promote year round tourism.

151115-pmwj40-Ehms-IMAGEThe $5 million will be for a list of improvements at the Outer Harbor, that officials are calling the “Blueprint.” The updates will be to the Buffalo Harbor State Park, and an adjacent 160 acres of state owned land. The upgrades will encompass the Gallagher Beach along the waterfront property to the Bell Slip and Michigan Pier.

The improvement program will include the following individual projects:

  • Redevelopment of the Michigan Pier into a multi-use flex space; clear, cap, and re-grade the 8-acre site to accommodate Adult Playground, Workout Area, Ropes Course, foot/bicycle paths, cantilevered trail, fishing pier, railing and perimeter walkway, deck, beach, beer garden area, and adult games zone. Include seasonal kiosks/structures/facilities, recreational fields, pollinator fields, seasonal floating docks, safety ladders and life rings
  • Visitor Center/Hub at Bell Slip with a modular installation, including pedestrian and bicycle amenities.
  • Complete bike path, including pedestrian and bicycle amenities along Terminals A & B property
  • Two “overlook” locations adjacent the Bell Slip to allow for birding, painting, photography, and astronomy.
  • Comprehensive signage package from Gallagher Beach to the Lighthouse based on the Erie County Shoreline Standards, including ancillary pedestrian and bicycle amenities and landscaping features.
  • Osprey nesting platform in Times Beach Nature Preserve.
  • Mountain bike course(s) within a 6-acre area bounded by the Bell Slip, Lake Erie, and Fuhrman Blvd.

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