AXELOS forms Cyber Resilience Executive Action Team



11 December 2014 – London, UK – Ahead of the launch of a new Cyber Resilience Best Practice portfolio in mid-2015, AXELOS has formed a Cyber Resilience Executive Action Team (CREATe) – a group of global senior business executives and security experts to help build effective understanding and action at board level.

AXELOS was formed in 2013 to own, promote and grow the Best Management Practice portfolio, including ITIL® and PRINCE2®, the most widely adopted frameworks for IT Service Management and Project Management. The CREATe team at AXELOS will play a key role in informing the new Cyber Resilience Best Practice portfolio. The portfolio includes new best practice guidance, ‘all staff’ awareness learning, foundation and practitioner training and certification, and board level engagement tools.

141211-pmwj30-cyber-PHOTOThe formation of CREATe follows a report from the World Economic Forum*, released in early 2014, which said that “sustaining the pace of innovation and growth in the global economy will require resiliency in the face of determined cyber-attacks. Only CEOs and senior leaders can solve the problem.”

CREATe team in photo at right: Ian Davies, Pete Metzger, Rhonda MacLean and Gary Warzala. Matthew Devost not pictured. Photo courtesy of AXELOS.

Many boards have felt the pain of successful cyber-attacks – in lost market reputation and customer trust, stolen intellectual property or commercially sensitive information, regulatory fines or in direct personal impact. At the same time many more are struggling to better understand how cyber risks are affecting their strategies and business models, what ‘good looks like’ and what effective action they need to take to appropriately manage their cyber risks.

CREATe member Ian Davies, who is Deputy Chairman of BMT Group and Senior Independent Director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), said: “The AXELOS initiative is very timely, as the need for a robust cyber resilience strategy is becoming a mainstream board agenda item.”

Fellow team member Gary Warzala, an experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), said:The experience AXELOS has in owning and growing global Best Management Practices will be leveraged in the new Cyber Resilience portfolio and become a tremendous asset for information security and risk leaders to build their programs upon. It will also help those of us in the information security and risk management fields to answer the question, ‘what does good look like?’”

Peter Hepworth, AXELOS CEO, said: “We are delighted that five leading experts have agreed to come together to assist the development of our new cyber resilience portfolio. Their unique insight, experience and expertise will help us ensure our new Cyber Resilience portfolio and future roadmap provides organizations and all their people with relevant guidance, learning and certification to improve their cyber resilience.”

The CREATe team is:

  • Gary Warzala, CISO: Gary most recently worked as a Trusted CISO Advisor with the Verizon Research, Investigations, Solutions, Knowledge (RISK) Team on the Target Corporation breach response. Prior to that, he was the Chief Information Security Officer of Visa and the AON Corporation. He is a member of the security advisory board for HP, SDG, the Security Advisor Alliance, and the Big Data/Cyber Security Industry Advisory Council.


  • Ian Davies, Deputy Chairman of BMT Group and Senior Independent Director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Harvey Nash and ASK Europe plc and Chairman The Independent Director Ltd: Ian is a chartered accountant and entrepreneur who has served on numerous boards over twenty years, and recruited directors for many more boards. He is well placed to understand the differing levels of cyber awareness on boards, and advise on the integration of cyber risk assessment into business strategy.


  • Matthew Devost, President and CEO of global cybersecurity consulting firm FusionX, LLC: Matt is a technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert specializing in cybersecurity, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence, and risk management issues. Matt is on the Black Hat advisory board and was also appointed as a special government advisor to counsel the U.S. Department of Defense leadership on a variety of security issues.


  • Rhonda MacLean, CEO of MacLean Risk Partners, LLC: With more than 25 years of cyber and information security experience, Rhonda has been the Global Chief Information Security Officer for Barclays Bank, Bank of America and Boeing Aerospace. In 2002 she was appointed as the US Financial Sector Coordinator for Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection. More recently Rhonda founded private risk management consulting company MacLean Risk Partners, LLC and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Threatmetrix and Red Seal Networks.


  • Pete Metzger, Vice Chairman of global executive search firm CTPartners: As a leader of the firm, Pete specializes in providing consultation to clients in the recruitment of CEOs, boards of directors and senior-level executives. His personal expertise is in the risk management, physical and cyber-security sectors.

* World Economic Forum and McKinsey report: ‘Risk and responsibility in a hyper-connected world’, published February 2014: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_RiskResponsibility_HyperconnectedWorld_Report_2014.pdf

141211-pmwj30-cyber-LOGOOn 1 July 2013 ‘AXELOS’ was announced as the new Joint Venture company that the Cabinet Office has formed to deliver and commercialize the UK Government’s portfolio of Best Management Practice accreditation and publishing services, including ITIL, PRINCE2 and the other PPM products. AXELOS now owns the intellectual property of the whole Best Management Practice portfolio and will build on the current business activities and developing products in new areas. The organization also has an ambitious programme of investment and growth, and primary focus will now be on stimulating the growth of a vibrant, open international ecosystem of training, consultancy and examination organizations. Latest news from AXELOS can be found on their website or if you have specific queries, requests or would like to be added to the AXELOS mailing list, please contact [email protected].

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