A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive

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pmwj30-Jan2015-Coker-BOOK COVERBook Title: A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive
Author: Ted Coine and Mark Babbitt
Publisher: AMACOM
List Price:   US$24.95         Format: Hard cover, 226 pages
Publication Date:   2014     ISBN: 978-0-8144-3326-3
Reviewer:      Bonnie Coker, PMP
Review Date:            Dec 2014 

Introduction to the Book

When I initially “judged this book by the cover”, I assumed it would be focusing strictly on social media and what it’s all about – a primer for those not already doing it. Boy was I wrong! Rather, this book focuses on a change in the way people interact with each other and with the companies they work for and buy from – our move into the “Social Age”.

Average folks can have big impacts on companies (good or bad) because they now have the powerful megaphone of social media. This book provides examples of both positive and negative things that can happen “out there” on social media, and ultimately provides guidance on how you and your company can engage to gain a competitive edge.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book was well organized and a fun read, with plenty of real world examples and humor to keep you entertained. The writing style was casual and conversational, more like what you’d expect from (you guessed it) social media, rather than a printed book.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

One of the “aha!” moments for me was when the book suggested that companies should not only condone, but encourage (and even train) their employees to use social media during work time. If you’re putting your employees first and empowering them to make their own decisions, they can become your greatest advocates and promoters through social media.

The book demonstrated that many companies are still run based on principles of the Industrial Age, while the rest of humanity has moved on to the Social Age. Industrialism was all about replaceable parts – each employee coming in and punching their timecard and doing exactly what is expected of them (and no more). The Social Age is all about individuality, and trusting your employees as intelligent adults to make their own decisions about how to best serve a company that they love. The authors provide motivation and suggestions on how to help you and your company embrace the Social Age and let go of antiquated Industrial Age “best practices”.


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About the Reviewer

pmwj30-Jan2015-Coker-PHOTO2Bonnie Coker, PMP flag-usa

Texas, USA

Bonnie Coker is a Senior Project Manager for Wind River Systems with 15 years of experience in the software development industry. Bonnie achieved Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification in 2009 and is an active volunteer for the PMI Dallas Chapter, currently serving as Program Manager for the Board of Directors. Bonnie also plays trombone and serves as Webmaster for the Carrollton Wind Symphony. In her remaining spare time, Bonnie is Team Manager and Driver for Jobo Racing, an amateur automotive racing team. You can contact Bonnie at via email ([email protected]), and in the spirit of this book, on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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