Women in Project Management – An Irish Perspective


IPMA Education and Training Series

Dr. Martina Ryan

Institute of Project Management Irelan

Dublin, Ireland


The Institute of Project Management in Ireland is the IPMA® member association with responsibility for the administration of the IPMA® 4 level certification system. Approximately 3,500 IPMA® Certified Professionals are currently registered in Ireland and the numbers continue to grow strongly each year.

The Institute conducts an annual survey of practitioners who undertake training with the institute. The results of this survey are published through the institute’s website, http://www.projectmagement.ie/.

This paper presents the findings of the 2014 annual survey, specifically examining the responses in the context of the role of women in Project Management in Ireland.

Research Methodology

The Institute of Project Management Ireland delivers a range of Project Management education courses, including courses leading to IPMA certification, PM leadership, and topic specific courses (e.g. Finance for PMs, Lean PM, PMO essentials, etc.). Each participant is invited to complete a survey which covers topics such as education level achieved, current experiences of working within the discipline of Project Management, attitude to the importance of PM certification, compensation and work hours, satisfaction with job/career, and career progression prospects.

There were a total of 197 respondents to the 2014 survey. All responses returned have been included in the results presented in this paper.

The full results of the survey have been published as a series of blog articles on the institute’s website http://www.projectmanagement.ie/, and can be obtained on request from The Institute of Project Management Ireland.

This paper specifically analyses the data which is of particular interest from a gender perspective, and presents the results of the survey addressing the role of women in Project Management in Ireland.

Project Management – The Role of Women

Respondents to the Survey

Of the 197 respondents, 41% were women (Fig 1) and is consistent with the proportion of women who attended the courses. Results presented in the remainder of this survey report the % of respondents to each question by gender.


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Editor’s note: This series of articles is by members of the IPMA Education and Training (E&T) Board or other IPMA leaders on the subject of project management education, training, careers and related topics. More information about the IPMA E&T can be found at http://ipma.ch/education.



About the Author                                                          


pmwj38-Sep2015-Ryan-PHOTODr. Martina Ryan, IPMA-B, PMP®

MRA Consulting Ltd.
Institute of Project Management
Dublin, Ireland



Martina Ryan, B.Sc. Ph.D,
IPMA-b, PMP is the Managing Director of MRA Consulting Ltd., and a faculty member of The Institute of Project Management Ireland. She is a successful and dynamic transformational leader with more than 20 years industry experience in the areas of Project Management, Lean/6-Sigma and Quality Management as a practitioner, leader, instructor and mentor.

Working initially within the pharmaceutical industry in the UK and Ireland, her leadership roles included R&D, New Product Introduction/Product Transfers, Project Management and Quality/Continuous Improvement (Lean/6-Sigma Black Belt). In 2005, Martina founded MRA Consulting Ltd., a consultancy company dedicated to strategic and tactical change/project management activities is a variety of public and private organisations, including environmental, construction, pharma and service sectors.

As a faculty member of the Institute of Project Management Ireland, Martina contributes to the development and delivery of the training programmes offered by the Institute. Martina can be contacted at http://www.mra.ie/