Will Data Science Change Project Management Forever?

A Future Vision



By Martin Paver

CEO/Founder, Projecting Success Ltd

England, UK



Data science is impacting a number of professions, yet its influence on project delivery is limited. Reports have been published on the future of project management but the timescales in which this future becomes a reality are beginning to compress. How will data science impact project delivery and how do we prepare for a future that will transform the project management landscape forever. 

Keywords: Project data analytics, data science, project hack, vision for project management, future for project management.


In 2017 the Association for Project Management, Arup and University College London published a report on the future of project management. It provides a vision for how project management may develop in the future, highlighting the increasing role of data science and analytics. But is the vision bold enough and will the pace of change be faster than envisaged?

In December 2017 the author launched the first London Project Data Analytics Meetup. Since then it has grown to a community of over 1200 people and in August 2018 alone it grew by 20%. It now has the support of PMI UK with a growing level of interest across other institutions.

There is a huge thirst for knowledge, insights and understanding on how data science may influence the future of project management.  The meetup has also established project:Hack which aims to bring together data scientists, analysts, project professionals and subject matter experts to explore new boundaries and ignite the professional imagination on what can be achieved by working together. This paper is a product of the insights acquired from working with this community.


In Dec 2017 the National infrastructure Commission (NIC) published the report ‘Data for the Public Good’, highlighting the huge opportunities for co-ordinating and sharing infrastructure data. In July 2018 the UK Government responded, agreeing with the NIC that “greater data sharing has the potential to further modernise our construction industry, improve the productivity of our infrastructure and support the UK’s digital economy”.

The primary focus of this work is associated with Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the creation of digital twins rather than improving the performance of how projects are delivered. This misses a huge opportunity for society and is something that I am campaigning to influence.


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About the Author

Martin Paver

United Kingdom




Martin Paver, Data Scientist, Registered Project Professional, Chartered Engineer, BEng, MBA, MAPM, MIMechE, is CEO of Projecting Success Ltd. and Founder of the London Project Data Analytics meetup.

Martin is a Registered Project Professional with the APM and a Chartered Engineer with the IMechE. He is the CEO/Founder of a P3M and data science consultancy called Projecting Success who help project organisations to connect and understand their data for a more certain, evidence-driven project delivery by analysing historical and real-time data to discover insights and make recommendations with improved confidence in outcomes. He has 30 years of delivery experience spanning senior strategic roles across government and the private sector, led projects of up to $1bn, both client and supply side and he also led a PMO for a $multi-billion portfolio of ICT projects.

In late 2017 Martin established the London Project Data Analytics Meetup, the UK’s largest community that combines the cutting edges of data science and project management ranging from hosting talks, delivering hackathons through to influencing future thinking on project data science. He has also been instrumental in establishing a project data analytics work stream within the APM, helping to shine a light on the art of the possible and facilitate the development of a new cadre of professionals.

He is on a mission to leverage the benefits of advanced data science for the benefit of the project management profession, ensuring that we shape the direction of the industry and prepare us for a new future.

Martin can be contacted at [email protected]