Why Become a Certified Green Project Manager® (GPM®)


By Mónica González, MBA, PMP, GPM 


When in early 2010 I got engaged with the PMI Global Sustainability Community of Practice, it was because I had a clear understanding of the Sustainability´s criticality as a global imperative to change values of all elements of society. In fact, for PMI the Global Sustainability is the attainment of enduring economic, social and environmental well-being of all elements of society.  But, how to shape this concept into something tangible, that is, for businesses to become sustainable, more sensitive and responsive to the sustainability of the environment and society (or multiple societies) in which business is conducted. The best way, as a Global Sustainability CoP Council member, specifically as marketing service lead, was through spreading the knowledge to PMI members and in particular to community subscribers and users.

But my motivation went beyond that, I felt that as a Project Management Professional (PMP®) I needed to give “a next step” in my professional career to reinforce my commitment within the discipline of Project Management, but also with Sustainability.  In late 2012, and by chance, I began speaking with Joel Carboni, the President of GPM, the sustainability focused project management professional development organization.

I was intrigued by their specialized competency based certification, their approach to project management, and what they teach in their training courses as the curriculum integrates several ISO standards that I have worked with for many years. 

I started the process to apply for the Green Project Management certification (GPM®) and found it to be challenging as it leverages the Crawford-Ishikura Factor Table for Evaluating Roles (CIFTER) model developed by the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (at http://www.globalpmstandards.org) GAPPS and measures project outcomes from a Social, Environmental, and Economic perspective.  (The GPM® Certification [1] was just included in the study that was covered by PMWJ Project Management Credentials Compared:  A Follow Up Analysis [2] by Dr. Paul Giammalvo and was ranked pretty high.)   When I was notified that I had passed the assessment, and was a Certified Green Project Manager (GPM®), I began collaborating with Joel and was introduced to other partners who were working to advance sustainability all over the world.


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About the Author

monica-gonzalezflag-argentinaMÓNICA GONZÁLEZ, MBA, PMP, GPM

Mónica González is an Industrial Engineer, Master in Business Administration and has two International Certifications, Project Management Professional (PMP®) of the Project Management Institute and Green Project Manager (GPM®) of the Green Project Management Organization. She has over 25 years of experience in Electrical Companies, in both public and private sectors, specifically in Electric Power Transmission in High and Medium Voltage.

In the past 13 years, she has worked as a Project Manager, involved with developing, establishing,  implementation and maintenance of Organizational (and Integrated) Management Systems according to the International Management Standards, like ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems – Requirements), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems — Requirements), ISO 26000 (Guidance on Social Responsibility), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standard) and the Argentinean  Resolution ENRE 057/2003 Public Safety for Electric Power Transmission in High and Medium Voltage.

From 2002 to 2004, she was part of Communication Committee and Environmental and Sustainable Development Committee of Electricité de France (EDF) Branch America along with colleagues from France, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.  As PMI member Monica is a founder of the PMI Nuevo Cuyo Argentina Chapter, as a volunteer she serves as Marketing and Communications leader, issuing a monthly newsletter among others.

In addition to integrate the PMI Global Sustainability Community of Practice Council (May´2010-Dec´2012) and support  PMI Educational Foundation as a Liaison in Nuevo Cuyo Chapter, she serves as a committee member for the PC/ISO 236 Project Committee: Project Management; and for the ISO/TC 258 – Technical Committee: Project, Program, Portfolio Management.  From October 2012, Mónica is a member of the Green Project Management Executive Consortium. Currently, she is a Senior Project Manager and works as an independent contractor.  Monica can be contacted at [email protected]