When Lean meets Agile – A Complete Organization Transformation Case Study


 By Dr. Waffa Karkukly 

Ontario, Canada


Lean and Agile concepts, methods, and practices are not new to those organizations that seek organization continuous improvement; however, they were often heard of separately.  IT organizations practiced many forms of development standards and agile is one of them while non IT practiced Lean.  Most recent there is a huge buzz regarding Lean and Agile that one is not mentioned without the other.  The Agile and Lean journey require structure, champions, processes, and change management approach to ensure the implementation success of the Lean and Agile approaches as well as the sustainability of it.

Due to the speed of growth in organizations, there is a need to cover the adoption of Lean and Agile and what it entails to allow those interested in adopting Lean and Agile to learn what is required, and the challenges and rewards.  The case study contribute to the practicality of the project management field in general, and sheds light on the Lean and Agile practices in particular.

This paper presents a case study of an organization in the financial industry in Canada that decided while basic agile was helping their IT, not until IT meet with Lean when the organization had a complete transformation to its delivery model and the way the organization aligned its product, software development and project management into a unified model that achieves Leagility through the benefits of both Lean and Agile.


PMO, Project Management, Lean, Agile, Leagility


About the Case Organization 

Interac Association (the “Association” or “Organization”) is a recognized leader in debit card services. The Association is responsible for the development and operations of the Inter-Member Network (IMN), a national payment network that allows Canadians to access their money through Automated Banking Machines and Point-of-Sale terminals across Canada. Formed in 1984, the Association is now composed of a diverse group of members, including banks, trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, merchants, and technology and payment related companies.  The Association is a not-for-profit organization, governed by a 14-Member Board of Directors, appointed annually based on the business sector and the volume of transactions processed. More information about Interac Association may be accessed at http://www.interac.ca . Today, Canadians coast to coast associate the INTERAC® brand with leading electronic payment services that are trusted, secure and reliable.


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About the Author

flag-canadawaffa-karkuklyWaffa Karkukly

Ontario, Canada

Waffa Karkukly is currently the President and Managing Director for the www.globalpmosolution.com.  Waffa has an extensive experience in Project Management, specializing in building PMOs and revitalizing and assessing value proposition of existing PMOs.  Waffa has helped organization improve their IT and / or Project management practices through building standards and proven solutions that improved the delivery process of an organization.  Waffa is an active PMI member and Held the positions of Director of Communication for the PMOCoP and Regional communication coordinator for the PMOLIG.   Waffa has a BSC in Information Systems from DePaul University and an MIT from Northwestern University in the United States, and is currently a PhD Candidate at SKEMA School of Business in France.    She is a certified project management professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), and is dedicated to improving the understanding and standards of project management practices, especially in the Value proposition of building and sustaining successful PMOs. Waffa can be reached at [email protected].