What’s the Key to a Successful Product Launch by a Marketing Manager?

Here’s a Guide to doing it Right!



By David Miller

Michigan, USA




It’s not all development and sales. In fact, if there were no intermediaries to pack it all up and send it to consumers with a shiny bow clip, most product launches would go by terribly unnoticed. It’s in the product marketing manager’s job description to turn every idea into the next big thing on the market.

Here’s how to do that right.

Team Up with the Product Manager



Drawing the line between a product manager and a product marketing manager is not always easy. In smart companies, they are seldom the same person – while the first one has the ultimate responsibility for the product, the second one is responsible for communicating the product’s value to the market.

However, the two of them must work together to ensure the best possible product launch.

As a marketing manager, you need to approach the product CEO and learn the problems the product is trying to solve for the target audience. Also, address questions like why, how, and for whom it was designed to get a better understanding of the product. In other words, you need to become the product expert, so make good use of your project collaboration software and team up.

Be the Boss of Your Market Space

Of course, your primary responsibility is to stay in charge of the market and alight the soon-to-be-launched product with consumer needs and expectations. You’ll need to return to your ideal buyer persona and revisit his or her purchasing mindset. Moreover, you’ll need to answer these questions:


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David Miller

Michigan, USA


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