What to Expect in Argentina 2013 for the Project Management Profession


By Ana María Rodríguez, MSE, PMP

Senior Contributing Editor 

Rosario, Argentina

Year 2013 is already on its second month. Not much is happening yet in Argentina, since we are in the middle of the summer season and there is not much activity in these months. Most professionals are planning and organizing their year, and human resources departments are developing training plans for their companies. So it is a good time to share some thoughts on what to expect this year in our profession.

But first, here are some conclusions about 2012. It was expected to have the Gross Product Income (GPI)  growing almost 5%, and it merely grew a 2,2%. The easiest analysis will say that this is a consequence of the worldwide economic crisis and the lower growth of the Brazilian economy, considering that Brazil is the main business partner for Argentina. However, it must be said that political decisions also affected the economy, giving uncertainty to investors and buyers. Most of them decided to maintain business in Argentina at low risk levels, and of course this leads to a lower level of economic activity.

Some of the strongest measures that the Government of Mrs. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner implemented in 2012 are: Nationalization of YPF, the main petroleum and oil producer in the country, a former government agency that was sold to Repsol (Spanish investors); new measures to control imports and exports; and a good amount of measures pointed to prevent citizens and companies from obtaining foreign currency, mainly American dollars.

For those in the Project Management profession, all these measures brought uncertainty in aspects such as continuity of investment for ongoing projects, possibility to import goods required for the development of the project, or obstacles to hire international consultants or offer services abroad due to the control of foreign currency.

Just some examples of the impact of political measures on projects in Argentina:


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About the Author

ana-maria-rodriguezflag-argentinaANA MARIA RODRIGUEZ 

Senior Contributing Editor

Rosario, Argentina 

Ana Maria Rodriguez  is founder and manager of ERA Project Management, offering training and consulting services in Argentina. She is also an adjunct professor of project management at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Colombian by birth, Ms. Rodriguez graduated with a Civil Engineering Degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia and from the University of Texas at Austin, USA with a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering and Project Management (MSE).  She also holds the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential from the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Ms Rodriguez has implemented Project Management best practices and managed projects both in the government sector and in the engineering and construction private sector. Ms. Rodriguez was part of the Board of Directors of the PMI Buenos Aires Argentina Chapter (PMIBA) for several years, and is an active volunteer there. She is also founding member of PMI Nuevo Cuyo Chapter. Ms. Rodriguez welcomes contact at [email protected], also at www.erapm.com.ar