What Great Trainers Do


Bpmwj47-Jun2016-Conrad-BOOKook Title: What Great Trainers Do: The Ultimate Guide to Delivering Engaging and Effective Learning        
Author: Robert Bolton, Dorothy Grover Bolton
Publisher: American Management Association
List Price:   $45.00        Format: Hardcover
Publication Date:  2016    
ISBN: 13: 978-0-8144-2006-5
Reviewer: Kelli Conrad
Review Date: April 2016



This book is for trainers who want to be great dynamic trainers. It’s a guide and manual that I will incorporate as a mandatory read and study.

It is a book that gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can run a successful dynamic workshop whether your class is half a day, a whole day or multiple days. It gives amazing insight on how to create rich, interactive learning environments.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The structure of this book is mapped out for you to formulate and craft your workshop to be a dynamic trainer. It starts with building the framework for training. This is the foundation for your workshop.

It then moves into developing a dynamic workshop which walks you through various aspects of running your class. It teaches you how to open a workshop, activities to engage participants and debriefing during learning sessions. It gives you tips for your presentation, flip charts, PowerPoint, fine tuning and how to meet resistance by using disclaimers.

The book then moves into teaching how to actively listen, respond to questions, comments and objections. It goes through all the tools you’ll need to move through the day like managing tough moments, demonstrating what you teach, practicing your delivery, providing feedback and evaluating and ending your workshop.

It continues with facilitating participants; understanding resistance, maintaining a positive atmosphere and intervening disruptive behavior.


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About the Reviewer

Kelli Conrad

North Texas, USA



Kelli Conrad
is a Senior Project Manager with 18 years of experience leading data center projects with budgets up to $5 million. She has experience managing multiple projects simultaneously with up to 50 resources in the airline, finance and utility industries.   Part of her experience includes implementing processes and procedures to increase revenues, reduce costs and enhance quality. With broad ranging expertise in conflict management, problem solving, relationship management, team collaboration and leadership, she is a great asset to have on your team. She can be contacted at [email protected]


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