Virtual Meetings on Distributed Teams – Summary


by Natalia Majcher

IPMA Young Crew (Poland)

Warsaw, Poland


Virtual and multicultural teams are nothing unusual nowadays. More and more often we work in distributed teams, especially within the IPMA and Young Crew association. But do we know how to manage such teams in a good way, to get the best out of them?

Young Crew Poland organized a series of online meetings to talk about these issues and to learn the perspective of experts on virtual teams. Four online meetings were organized, with 10 experts, who shared with us their knowledge and experience with distributed teams:

  1. Bartosz Woliński, Philips Lightning, IPMA Poland
  2. Bikash Dhar, Lantiq A GmbH, Young Crew Austria
  3. Dominika Walec, Education for Entrepreneurship, IPMA Poland
  4. Glória Costa, Communication Designer Freelance, Young Crew Portugal
  5. Grzegorz Szałajko, Systemic Excellence Group, IPMA AMBo
  6. Krzysztof Bogucki, AMG.net
  7. Małgorzata Krakowian, ACC CYFRONET AGH
  8. Małgorzata Kusyk, Thomson Reuters
  9. Maria Simek, next level consulting, Young Crew Austria
  10. Michał Rączka, Allegro Group

This article summarizes the most important topics that were discussed during our four meetings. It covers some of the challenges that we are facing in virtual teams and presents the advice of our experts.

First, we need to define what a virtual team is. During the e-Meetings experts introduced several factors, which define a virtual team. A virtual team has, like a collocated team, a common goal, that bonds team members. The characteristic component of a virtual team is the distance and/or time dispersion. We talk about distance dispersion, when team members are located in different buildings, cities, countries. Time dispersion is related to the allocation of team members in different time zones or time shifts. And it’s important to remember, that we are dealing with a distributed team even if only one person is working apart from the rest of the team (a different location or time shift).


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About the Author

Natalia Majcher

Natalia Majcher is a member of IPMA Young Crew. She graduated from Gdansk University of Technology as MEng in Management. Currently she is working in an IT consulting company in CRM implementation projects. As a member of Young Crew Poland Natalia is part of various projects on national and international level, both as a team member (GeCCo, Global Young Crew Workshop), initiator and a project manager (e-Meetings). Questions and feedback are highly welcome via na[email protected]

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