Vigorous Integrated Offshore Execution of Integrity Management Program to Significantly Reduce Hydro-Carbon Release and Maintain Base production.


By Maryulis, MM, MBA 

Jakarta, Indonesia


Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) establishes its integrity management (IM) program for the assets in Offshore North-West Java in the eagerness of reducing risk continuously with the ultimate goals for a safe place to work, reduce hydro-carbon release and maintain base production. There are now several thousand recommendations in the IM Program scope list, which have created more complex issues. Total IM scope in 2012 is over 3000 scopes which are distributed to Engineering Integrity, Operations, and Project departments.

This paper focuses on how to manage the complexities of the IM Program into a manageable program scope and planning by using rigorous risk management processes. The author presents the issues that commonly exist in the aging facilities in oil & gas industry.

For achieving effective IM Program, it requires integrated offshore execution plan which is based on a reliable and consistent approach of high level quantified risk assessment, recommendation, prioritization scope, and execution strategy.


Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) field has been operation since 1970, where ARCO, BP and now Pertamina as the operator, This asset consists of more than 200 offshore structures, with 11 manned flow-stations, 3 ORF and more than 350 subsea pipelines totaling about 1,600 km that are spread across a geographic area of 350 km x 150 km. The age of facilities is a big challenge for PHEONWJ to manage safe operations, reliable operations and maintained base production.

Since 2009, the IM strategies and plans for PHEONWJ have massive pressure system inspection called PSI campaign to get IM status for each flow-station, assessment was conducted in 2010. While continuing to offshore IM Program recommendation execution, a Program Team was formed in January 2012 to define scope prioritization, distribute IM scope to construction team, manage the new recommendation, and to accelerate the completion of the IM recommendation. There are now several thousand recommendations in the IM Program scope list, which have created more complex issues. 


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About the Author


Jakarta, Indonesia

Maryulis has more than 30 years’ experience in Project/Program Management, Majority in the Major EPCI contract, and oil & Gas company.  He has experience in the Infrastructure project, Process Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Steel Plant, Mining, LNG Plant and Oil & Gas (Green Filed & Brownfield project). Various company: Krakatau Engineering, Kaiser Engineers, Petrosea Tbk, UNOCAL Indonesia, Chevron Indonesia, British Petroleum (BP Tangguh) LNG Indonesia,  BP-ONWJ and Pertamina Hulu Energy (PHEONWJ). Academy background: MM & MBA (Majority in Business Engineering) and, PhD can. Majority in Sustainable Development Management.  Contact: e-mail: [email protected]