The Value of a Common Project Culture and Key Aspects on How to Achieve it


Project Culture Improvement in a mid-sized ICT Company in Europe

A transformational project case study

By Rickard Romander

Founder and CEO

Greenlight Project Management Group





This Case study exposes the benefits of a common project culture across the whole organization and the challenges of implementing changes in order to improve the project culture.


Questions and topics covered:


  • What were the Business drivers for change?
  • What is a good project culture and how can you measure the maturity level, do a gap analysis and finally also prove the improvements. A model with 6 key signs will be shown.
  • Which were the key challenges and how were they addressed?
  • What improvements were implemented and how did they impact the project culture and the company’s business result? – The corner stones for a well-functioning project culture.
    • Top management understanding, interest and support
    • Project Portfolio Management
    • A well-functioning and recognized PMO
    • A matrix organization with clear roles
    • Customized project management model and tool
    • Training, Mentoring and Coaching



Many companies are struggling to get the full benefit out of their projects. One common reason is that the company has not fully succeeded in implementing a common project culture across the whole organization.

This paper will explore the benefits of a common project culture across the whole organization and the challenges of implementing changes in order to improve the project culture.

This case is a about a successful transformation project executed with a European innovative ICT company with 130 employees, during 2009 and 2010, seeking to improve its business result by becoming more efficient in managing projects.

The company is mainly active in the Railway sector delivering state-of-the-art products and systems for signaling and security systems. The company has three categories of projects: R&D projects, internal improvement/transformation projects and customer projects.

Although all 3 categories were covered by this transformation project the main focus was on the customer projects.


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Editor’s note: This paper was originally presented at the 8th Annual UT Dallas Project Management Symposium in Richardson, Texas, USA in August 2014. It is republished here with permission of the author and symposium organizers. For more about the annual UT Dallas PM Symposium, click here.

About the Author

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Rickard Romander founded the Greenlight Project Management Group in 2003, a leading international Management consulting firm with presence in Europe, America, Middle East and Africa. He is now working as CEO for the Group, which is a REP with PMI.

Rickard holds an MSC degree from KTH (Stockholm, Sweden) and has 25 years of experience in project management in different senior management positions. Before founding GreenlightPM he worked 14 years in different senior management positions within the telecom giant Ericsson, recognized for its world-class project management culture. During his time at Ericsson he successfully delivered top prioritized R&D and Customer projects, as Project Manager; was recognized as a very pro-active PMO Manager – Rickard transformed a functional R&D organization into a strong matrix organization with excellent project performance and continuous improvement activities; and developed and implemented of corporate models for PMOs and Project Manager Career still being used today.

As CEO and Master Consultant for the last 11 years with GreenlightPM, Rickard and his company has been contributed to improving the project culture for many well-known global companies from various industries like: Telecom, Finance, Insurance, Aviation, Security, Pharmaceutical, IT and NGOs, including implementation of project management models, PMOs and project portfolio management supporting PM industry standards, such as PMI, PMDPro, Prince 2, ISO, Agile Manifesto and CMMI.

Rickard is an active member of the following PMI chapters; Madrid, Sweden, Portugal, UK and Dallas. He can be contacted at [email protected]