UK Project Management Round Up

By Miles Shepherd

Executive Advisor for PMWJ

International Correspondent for PM World

Salisbury, England, UK


UK has seen some of the worst weather in living memory with many parts of the country suffering record rainfall for months on end.  Not only have rivers burst their banks, causing extensive flooding, but there have been flash floods in many other areas as a month’s rainfall fell in a matter of hours.  These events have caused a number of emergency projects to be activated as emergency services and local authorities have put matters more or less straight before the next major event of the summer began.

The past month has seen the completion of the second major tranche of one of the world’s biggest and most complex programmes.  Seven years in the planning and execution, the London Olympic Games began at the end of last month.  The third tranche is underway and there is a fourth and fifth tranche to follow.

There have also been many developments at the Association for Project Management with their annual conference attracting record numbers of delegates and a broad selection of senior speakers.

Whether your interests lay in design, supersonic car engineering or the role of projects in national government, there was something for every type of Project Manager.


UK Project Management Round Up



Salisbury, UK

Miles Shepherd is an executive editorial advisor and International Correspondent for PM World in the United Kingdom. He is also managing director for MS Projects Ltd, a consulting company supporting various UK Government agencies, nuclear industry organisations and other businesses.  Miles has over 30 years’ experience on a variety of projects in UK, Eastern Europe and Russia.  His PM experience includes defence, major IT projects, decommissioning of nuclear reactors, nuclear security, rail and business projects for the UK Government and EU.   Past Chair and Fellow of the Association for Project Management (APM), Miles is also past president and chair of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  He is currently the Chair of the ISO committees that are developing new ISO 21500 Guidelines for Project Management and for Program/Portfolio Management.  He was involved in setting up APM’s team developing guidelines for project management oversight and governance.  Miles is based in Salisbury, England and can be contacted at [email protected].