Toni Ruttimann, Bridge Builder for the World


An Update

By Roberto Mori

Milan, Italy

There were a few moments of unnatural silence before the almost 1,000 Delegates granted the Speaker with an endless standing ovation (more than 5 minutes!).

Those who had the privilege of being there, vividly remember the key-note presentation by Toni Ruttimann, the Swiss bridge builder, at the opening ceremony of the 22nd IPMA World Congress in Roma (November 9th, 2008). Indeed Toni had delivered a touching and impressive example of the unbelievable achievements that determination, creativity, initiative along with deeply rooted human values could lead to.

In the long time elapsed since, Toni has continued helping people in South America and South-East Asia to build bridges that significantly improve the quality and safety of their lives. His record to date includes 730 bridges serving 2 Million persons, which have been built together with the interested populations in Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia.


One of Toni’s bridges in Nam Tee, Kachin State, Myanmar

The Times of London has defined him as one of the world’s more elusive heroes.

On the occasion of Toni’s recent visit to Italy, both an association for active citizenship of Arese – a center of 25,000 inhabitants very close to Milano, famous for its Alfa Romeo Museum and former Alfa Romeo premises – and a local newspaper organized two presentations of his that registered an overall audience of 1,300.

Toni’s activity has been introduced by the newspaper Director as a dedication to a unique mission. Indeed his dedication and motivation are as astonishing as the related achievements. Stand up and let’s build it together: this way Toni has motivated and led peasants, women, kids until their own bridges have been completely built.


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Roberto Mori

Milan, Italy


Roberto Mori
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