Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership: Effective Communication in Team Building


titanic-lessonBook Title:  Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership: Effective Communication in Team Building

Author:  Ranjit Sidhu

Publisher:  Multi-Media Publications

List Price:   US$24.95

Format:  soft cover; 115 pages

Publication Date:   2012

ISBN: 9781554891207

Reviewer:  Laura K. Moorhead, PhD, PMP

Review Date:              November

Introduction to the Book

One hundred years ago, the passenger ship, Titanic, sank several hundred miles south of Newfoundland on her maiden voyage. In Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership, author Ranjit Sidhu posits that the tragedy was not primarily the result of a failure of engineering, but a failure of effective leadership and communication.

The Titanic was designed to be the most luxurious, safest, and most technologically advanced ocean liner of its day, but key decisions were made to change its design along the way that sacrificed passenger safety for a luxurious sailing experience. Sidhu draws parallels between major milestones in the design, construction, and launch of the Titanic and contemporary project management methods to reveal important lessons in team building and communication to ensure successful projects. 

Overview of the Book’s Structure

Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership is organized into eleven chapters which roughly correspond to the stages and processes of project management in a traditional waterfall project. The eleven chapters are:

  • Chapter 1 – Stakeholders and Strategy
  • Chapter 2 – Definitions and Design
  • Chapter 3 – Construction and Compromise
  • Chapter 4 – Marketing and Media
  • Chapter 5 – Changes and Consequences
  • Chapter 6 – Teams and Tensions
  • Chapter 7 – Communication and Conflict
  • Chapter 8 – Risks and Reframing
  • Chapter 9 – Decisions and Disaster
  • Chapter 10 – Crisis and Collision
  • Chapter 11 –  Conclusions

The book is not meant to be a definitive history of the Titanic nor a definitive analysis of all of the events that led up to the disaster.  Instead the author identifies what she sees as key turning points and decisions that were made to illustrate how these turning points and decisions affected the final outcome. Sidhu also shows how, by using effective communication and leadership, these could have been done differently.

Highlights: What’s New in This Book?

Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership is part of Multi-Media Publications’ Lessons from History Series using catastrophic failures–such as the sinking of the Titanic–and spectacular successes such as the escape of the 220 captured airmen from the German prison camp, Stalag Luft during World War II, to glean important behaviors to avoid as well as behaviors and processes to emulate in our present day projects.


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