Time Matters



Book Title: Time Matters: Time management techniques for avoiding or recovering from delay on projects and programmes        
Author:  Tom Taylor
Publisher:  dashdot Enterprises (UK)
List Price:   $7.97
Format: Soft Cover, 56 pages
Publication Date:  2018
ISBN: 095748343-0
Reviewer: Edward Raibick, PMP
Review Date: October 2017



The book titled Time Matters introduces the reader to a series of time management strategies for avoiding and recovering from delays on projects and programs. Real life cases are presented along with the “thinking-out-of-the-box” solutions used to recover from the delay. This book provides examples of some unique solutions and will excite the imagination of any project manager in coming up with creative ways to bring their project back on track.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Chapter 1 introduces the reader to several unique project issues and the creative solutions used for recovery.

Chapter 2 discusses the misunderstandings about time and some key insights in time and due date communications.

Chapter 3 dives into the first steps in addressing the project delay, determining root cause and taking corrective action for recovery.

Chapter 4 provides exercises in confronting delay for the user to provide their own creative solutions.


Time Matters is a quick read and a great reference for project and program managers driven to be more efficient and effective in project management. The book goes beyond adding additional project resources or changing project scope or timeline commitments. The book is easy to follow for the casual reader who is busy and on the go.

Highlights: What I liked!

This book was a quick and easy read, chock full of examples, insights and strategies that can be put into practice real time by the reader.

The book also dives into the human interaction aspects of project management and using strategies like face-to-face negotiations to break past barriers that are causing the delay in the project or program. Other strategies include segregating technical and management teams in the proper way to facilitate productivity.


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