This Project is not in-line with our organization’s strategic plans



By Essam Mohamed Lotffy, PMP, CCP

MEP-Construction Manager, Trojan Holding

Abu Dhabi, UAE



“This Project is not in-line with our organization’s strategic plans”

Despite the fact that many projects are not in-line with the organizational strategic plans, the estimation/projects departments insist to get more projects, as much as they can to impress their senior management, to show off at the market and to demonstrate that the organization exists in a good position in the market. However; this attitude of the estimation/projects departments increases the sunk cost of studying those projects during estimation and engineering reviews. In addition to the above the attitude of the concerned departments, the organization always ignores the studies of resource pools and resource availability in terms of skilled and non-skilled manpower and the available equipment. Here the level of the project contribution to the organizational strategic plan arises, and the project selection criteria should be incorporated as per the organizational strategic plan requirements to assure that the project is aligned with the organizational strategies.

Organizational Strategic Plan

Due to market demand and competition every organization sets its mission to demonstrate the organization’s needs to achieve a sustainable service and these outlines should be communicated throughout the concerned organizational units. Hence the question that will arise through setting-up the organizational strategic plan is, “What does the organization need to achieve its goals?”

To assure the right answer to this question there should be an extensive analysis of:

  • Geo-economic Environment (Opportunities & Threats).
  • Socio-political challenges (Strengths & Weakness).
  • Technology & State-of-Art.

The outcome of this extensive analysis should lead to proposed organizational strategic plans that enable the organization to achieve sustainable growth.

Once the organization has set up its strategic plan, the role of senior management is to implement the necessary actions to achieve this strategic plan and those actions should realize and consider the following:


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About the Author


Essam Lottfy

Abu Dhabi, UAE



Essam Lottfy
PMP, CCP is a Construction Manager-MEP at Trojan general contracting in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He received his BSc. degree in Electrical Engineering (Major) and Power Distribution (Minor) through Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt since 2001. Pursued and achieved his certificates in Project Management (PMP®) from PMI-USA since 2013, and certificate in Cost Management (CCP®) from AACE International since june-2014. He does claim 13 years extensive hands on experience in various aspects of projects and project management within maintenance, power distribution networks monitoring and supervision and construction projects as well. During his employment tenure with his past employers Suez Canal Electrical Distribution Company, United Engineering & Trading Company – ENTRACO, and TROJAN General Contracting, he has successfully managed various projects, in addition enhancing the process capabilities and organization performance as well.

Essam Lotffy is actively pursuing potential opportunities in the project management field, where a room of growth and opportunities for advancement exists. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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