The Royal Wedding – What a Project!

Project Management for Weddings and a Tribute to my Wife the Project Manager



By David L. Pells

Addison, Texas, USA



On Friday 29 April 2011, Prince William of the British Royal Family, son of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, married Catherine Middleton in Westminster Abbey Cathedral in London.  It was a spectacular wedding, with all the pomp and circumstance of his father’s famous wedding to Lady Di over thirty years ago.  The wedding was attended by 1,900 invited guests, including royalty, political leaders from around the world, celebrities, personal friends and family members.  While several hundred thousand people lined the streets of London in celebration, and in Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square to watch the proceedings on big screens, an estimated 2 billion worldwide watched via satellite and television coverage. [1]

Since the official engagement was announced in November 2010, following their vacation together in Kenya the month before, [2] many in the project management community recognized the forthcoming royal wedding as a project of tremendous personal, royal and national significance.  In the months leading up to the wedding, as various aspects of the occasion emerged and as anticipation and excitement grew, it became clear that this was a large and complicated project, one that required much planning and control.  And according to Royal staff and those who have been previously involved in royal events, who were interviewed by various media, nothing was to be left to chance.

And the wedding was picture perfect!  It was spectacular!  It was a great success!

Wedding planning has become a well-established business in many countries.  But do wedding planners use modern project management techniques and principles?  Since weddings tend to be such large and important events in most lives, I thought it might be interesting to address these questions in an editorial.  That was especially true after watching the royal wedding with my wife and discussing our own wedding eleven years ago (and our wedding anniversary next week.).  In addition, my daughter Camille may be getting married soon, so I thought I should study up!

The Royal Wedding – Some PM Considerations

First, I want to commend the British Royal Family for such a successful project.  While I am sure most of the arrangements for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton will remain secret, there was clearly some effective project management employed.


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Editor’s note: In lieu of the Prince Harry’s upcoming wedding in the UK, we thought it might be interesting for some readers to see this article about Prince William’s wedding in 2011 which was published in the PM World Today eJournal. Project management issues once again apply to this new royal wedding (project).

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