By Michael Marshall, PhD

Georgia, USA


Studies and research into management and leadership is showing that the motivation of individuals striving to be in management and leadership and stay in these positions, is primarily based on achieving power and achieving self-esteem; both, self-esteem how they feel about themselves and how they think others perceive them.

Lower self-esteem can cause over achievement and high aspirations oriented to help compensate for this.  High self-esteem can stimulate the same.  These can be a big motivator to achieve higher needs and wants and higher self-gratification.

Management and leadership often have a strong personal drive to achieve management and leadership position levels to satisfy self-esteem needs, self-worth, self-ego and what is referred to as ‘self-actualization’ of higher wants and needs well beyond the basics and norms.

Sociology influences can be a motivator.

Father, mother, relatives, brothers, sisters, close neighbors, friends, peers of all types that may possibly be in management or leadership positions can influence  individuals to be motivated to strive for management  and leadership positions to be equal or worthy of relationships.

A passion for some type of change can also motivate an individual for such as well.

When individuals are personally driven for management and leadership due to any of these things, often, they are referred to as having ‘ambition’.

As individuals with personal drive for management and leadership get older in age and become tired of the responsibilities, tired of worrying and caring about having power and what others think about them due to their position, they then may lose the drive for such needs and wants.  The needs and wants have been overly and exceedingly satisfied.

They are ready to move on with life and enjoy other aspects of life more.


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Michael Marshall, PhD

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Michael Marshall
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