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By Almahdy Eltonsy

Cairo, Egypt



Project management is an art based on a core knowledge; as project managers we all face many situations after which we wonder and say: “How did I do that??”

The article aims is to share what we tested many times in our daily work and life; we need to put a name over it.

My article is based on the ICB (IPMA International Competence Baseline) linking it to real situations.

First, the ICB divides project management competencies into 3 categories as shown.


The details of the competencies are as follow:



It is the autumn with a breezy air in the hot weather of Cairo, standing in front of a huge modern building, new hospital, a national project that all look at as a real example of determination for change.

With tight schedule and a lot of complex situations the GPM, general project manager, as well the PMs in the project keep looking at their watches.

Now the project organization is complet, and we started with a team of 7 core team members. The core team members or the subproject managers are not all from my organization and they do not directly report to me.

After about 6 weeks from starting the project, with a project period of 8 months (32 weeks), I found two project managers in my team standing in front of me at 18:00. Looking me in the eyes they said: “It will not work, we are under resourced and the work is massive. We will quit and advise the others to quit as well. We are sorry but we saw a real bad progress and a catastrophic situation”

What a feedback!


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About the Author

pmwj41-Dec2015-Eltonsy-PHOTOAlmahdy Eltonsy

Cairo, Egypt



Almahdy Eltonsy
, IPMA – B is a Senior Project Manager in the HealthCare industry, and the first healthcare PM granted the IPMA-B certification in Egypt. Starting with Siemens in 1993, Almahdy has extensive technical and managerial experiences, gaining the ability to work cross-functionally in a time-intensive environment. One of the most important milestones in Almahdy’s project management career is Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt (57357) (http://www.57357.com/ ), a 30 Million Euro Project. As a GPM for this strategic pivotal project, the scope was not only project management but also the service management, in addition to work with accreditation bodies.

In 2012 Almahdy moved to GE HealthCare to work as a product service manager for Surgery – X-Ray – Intervention – Ultrasound – Life Care solutions, using his experience in leading the service team with project management methodology. Almahdy’s motive to change is to take a new challenge and exposure to new cultures and discipline, taking advantage of his technical and managerial skills and using the project management tool box in general management aspects.

In addition to his work in healthcare, Almahdy worked as an IT project developer with one of the largest media and advertising groups in Egypt. Almahdy was able to realize a new methodology and software for Media planning and advertising campaign planning. Almahdy holds a B.Sc. in Systems and Biomedical Engineering from Cairo University – Faculty of Engineering, and passed many specialized courses in Siemens, GE and Microsoft. Linkedin: Almahdy Eltonsy. Email: [email protected]

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