The Procurement Game Plan


the-procurement-game-planBook Title:  The Procurement Game Plan
Author:  Charles Dominick and Soheila R. Lunney
Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing
List Price:   US$44.95
Format:  hard cover; 264 pages
Publication Date:   2012
ISBN: 9781604270679
Reviewer:      Johnny Gan
Review Date:              June, 2013


Introduction to the Book

Procurement is one topic I am interested in recently. There are many books in the marketplace related to procurement; because I have no experience on that, so I may drop into sleep if the book is difficult to comprehend. Well, this book is not. The Procurement Game Plan is an easy read with something for everyone if you want to know procurement, but it’s not as simple as a beginner’s book.

The message in this book is very clear: following the steps outlined, become a well-trained game player, to achieve results and to be the winner that you can be. So the book’s goal is to bring the textbook theory into your life and help you achieve success.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The first chapter quickly reviews the role of procurement in an organization structure, and how the role has recently evolved.

Chapter 2, setting a Supply Management Strategy, makes you realize that a well-executed supply management strategy results in value creation for your organization. This is the first step to win the game!

Chapter 3, Procurement Talent Management, discusses having the right players on your team, and growing together.

Chapter 4, Follow the game rule and fair play, summarizes how procurement professionals are obligated to a higher standard of ethical and socially responsible behavior.

Chapter 5 – Chapter 12: Now you can play the game! Sourcing analysis, comparing and filtering the qualified suppliers, negotiation, implementing, measuring, and monitoring, Improving the performance from practices, and growing with specialized knowledge in areas such as global sourcing, services procurement, project management, and inventory management.

Chapter 13, the last chapter, is end of the book, but not end of your career. Becoming a Perennial All-Star, is that your career goal? Go for it.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

Compared to other procurement books, the authors, Charles Dominick and Soheila Lunney, provide today’s professionals with practical, easy-to-follow approaches in this book, and give the readers an opportunity to apply what they have learned.


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