The Power of the Plan


the-power-of-the-planBook Title:  The Power of the Plan
Authors:  Douglas Land and David Barrett
Publisher:  Multi-Media Publications
List Price:   US$24.95
Format:  soft cover; 108 pages
Publication Date:   2013
ISBN: 9781554891368
Reviewer:      Vijay Kancharla
Review Date:              June 2013


Introduction to the Book

The introduction started with live day-to-day examples. The Authors’ objective for writing this book is clearly spelled out. They put us in a leadership role. They want to remove the fear factor and empower us to be the leader.

The introduction focused on managing the projects. He says, planning, framing a big picture, people, right tools needed to execute the project. Six elements of planning are all part of project management. The language is easy to understand.

Overview of Book’s Structure

In the Contents, the frame of topics is deviated from normal. The topics are more like questions that Authors wants to address. Reader gets more attention. Authors want to answer the audience (readers) and guide the readers.

The authors guide the reader from the beginning to end with easy-to-understand language, with project management elements, PMI literature. They covered planning, execution, cost, time, monitoring, communication, closing.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

Authors say, you first visualize the project and plan from an altitude of 15,000 feet. This is subject to argument. The topics like ‘who will do the work’? ‘How much time will it take’?

‘How much will it cost’?  are very colloquial  and make reading interesting.

In close the door, the authors reveal that the secret for a good close is in planning. So, one should plan ahead on ‘how he wants to close the door’. While the topic is conversational, the author used technical terms like Handoff, lessons learned and the KISS approach.


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vijaykumar-kancharlaVIJAYKUMAR KANCHARLA 

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