The Power of the Plan: Empowering the Leader in You


the-power-of-the-planBook Title:  The Power of the Plan: Empowering the Leader in You

Author:  Douglas Land and David Barrett

Publisher:  Multi-media Publications

List Price:   US$24.95

Format:  soft cover; 116 pages

Publication Date:   2012     ISBN: 1554891361

Reviewer:      Stephen Rojak

Review Date:              April 2013 


Introduction to the Book

This is an introduction to project management for people who do not ordinarily manage projects. It is not a book for people who want to become PMI-certified. However, a project manager might want to consider giving away copies of the book to key stakeholders who are not project managers, in order to improve their understanding of what project management requires and thereby set expectations.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book walks through the various focus areas of project management, one chapter at a time: staffing, costing, scheduling, risks and communication, among others. It does so in an accessible and jargon-free manner, but does not talk down to the reader.

The book also addresses questions such as, “Do you want to take on this project in the first place?” This is a necessary and underappreciated question, as many people who have been talked into volunteering have learned to their sorrow.

Similarly, there is a chapter on closure, discussing how to end the project and hand it off. This is valuable for the person who cannot commit to an effort in perpetuity.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

For the intended audience, much of the content will be new. Many people who ordinarily do not manage projects may be called upon to organize a fund raiser, move offices to a new building, or gut and replace a kitchen. These can be daunting tasks, and the book provides a framework for decomposing what will be required. 


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About the Reviewer

flag-usastephen-rojakStephen Rojak, PMP 

Stephen is an experienced software developer and manager, with experience in the manufacturing, retail, marketing services, digital media and computer software industries. He is also an economist and historian. [email protected] 

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