The Power of Project Leadership: 7 keys to help you transform from project manager to project leader



pmwj37-Aug2015-Sitaula-BOOKBook Title: The Power of Project Leadership: 7 keys to help you transform from project manager to project leader
Author: Susanne Madsen
Publisher: Kogan Page Limited
List Price:   39.95
Format: Soft cover, # 286 pages
Publication Date:   2015    
ISBN: 978 0 7494 7234 4
Reviewer:     Manjeeta Sitaula
Review Date: 06/2015



The book “The Power of Project Leadership” by Susanne Madsen addresses the need for leadership in today’s fast paced world with complex and diverse projects. The book is a great motivator for project managers to take that step towards becoming a project leader which is very critical to project’s success. The book contains exercises that provide the opportunity for readers to evaluate their current way of management and contemplate possible ways to understand and improve their practice by being innovative and taking risks.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided into four different chapters and consists of advice and experiences from experts in the field of project management. Chapter one discusses the differences between project management and project leadership which is illustrated elegantly using examples and graphic representation. The chapter highlights how the approaches for delivering projects have changed in today’s demanding world. The author further discusses common mistakes that project managers make.

Chapter two discusses personal skills and behavior that a manager can change to empower his/her mindset. Further the chapter elaborates on how the six human needs control a manager’s decision. Chapter three presents the seven keys to help to transform a project manager to a project leader. The seven keys are discussed in detail as a subchapter. At the end of each key, the author discusses how to embed these new behaviors.

Chapter four provides a synopsis on implementing the knowledge presented in previous chapters. The author also explains how to get rid of the old ways that have not been serving and utilize these tools to achieve the project goal.


The author points out the three most fundamental mistakes project managers make. Though these three mistakes are common they can be overlooked by many and as the author describes, a manager could “fall prey” to the mistakes which could ultimately hamper the performance and goal of the project.

Furthermore, project management is not limited to following specific guidelines and tools and techniques but knowing how to lead with a wider vision. It is of utmost importance that project managers hone their soft skills and also recognize the specialty and inspire each team member to achieve the desired goal.


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