The Optimistic Workplace



Bpmwj41-Dec2015-Mehrooz-BOOKook Title: The Optimistic Workplace
Author: Shawn Murphy
Publisher: AMACOM
Format: Hard cover; 224 pages  
List Price: $24.95
Publication Date:  2016    
ISBN: 978-0-8144-3619-6
Reviewer: Nazanin Mehrooz, PMP, CSM, SA, SCP
Review Date: August 2015



Introduction to the Book

I have often read and heard about the importance of an optimistic work place and the positive effects it has on people and organization. This book shares what you are likely to see when this optimism isn’t in your workplaces and guides leaders towards changing the climate where people feel autonomous, creative and energetic and are able to accomplish amazing things.

Along the way, it teaches you how to be a better leader by developing people and deliberately building purpose and meaning into work and keeping it there. The end resulta are contagious optimistic people who care about what they do and how they do it. The beauty of it doesn’t require you to be a manger to make this happen. Anyone can begin this process of becoming a steward. Even small change can have ripple effects as they are played forward to significantly impact the climate and eventually lead to positive changes in the overall culture.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book contains 11 chapters and a few appendices around the following:

  1. The Future of the Workplace – The culture of a company can take years to influence and change. However, the climate you work in can be influenced pretty easily by focusing on creating happy teams, building positive relationship, aligning work with purpose and developing people.

2. Destructive Management – Misuse of power, autocratic management style and change resistance all negatively impact optimism. Leaders should focus on creating an environment where employees feel autonomous which leads to energy, vitality and optimism instead of distress and apathy.

3. The Power of Contagious Emotions – Unplanned giving has many positive influences to the climate. Something as small as helping a coworker out on a task can build strong working relationship, trust and motivate others to do the same. It should starts with understanding yourself and how to feel fulfilled in what you are doing before you can help others achieve the same.


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About the Reviewer

pmwj36-Jul2015-Mehrooz-PHOTONazanin Mehrooz, PMP, CSM, SA, SPC

Texas, USA



 Nazanin Mehrooz is a certified project manager, scrum master and SAFe Program Consultant. Nazanin started her career as a software developer and transitioned to leading mid-size teams as a functional manager, senior project manager, release train engineer and SAFe instructor. Her background includes managing a portfolio of 30+ projects with budgets exceeding 15 Million USD and most recently leading an agile train containing 6 scrum teams. Nazanin is an active volunteer for the PMI Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters. Email: [email protected]


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