The Microsoft Project Management Kit 2010: (1) Project 2010 Inside Out; and (2) Successful Project Management


Book Title:  The Microsoft Project Management Kit 2010:  (1) Project 2010 Inside Out; and (2) Successful Project Management

Authors:  (1)Teresa Stover, Bonnie Biafore and Andreea Marinescu; (2) Bonnie Biafore

Publisher:     O’Reilly Media, Inc. / Microsoft

List Price:   US$89.98 for set

Format:  soft cover; (1)1,259 pages (2) 464 pages

Publication Date:    2011

ISBN: 978-0-7356-6162-2

Reviewer:      Ginan Kalenik, PMP

Review Date:              April 2012


Introduction to the Book

The two-book set is comprised of (1) an in depth software application user manual, and (2) a more conversational project management technique book with references to multiple Microsoft tools.  Book (2) is aptly subtitled “Applying best practices and real-world techniques with Microsoft Project”.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Project 2010 Inside Out has a traditional user manual set up with a nine part division following the logic of building a project plan:  Project Fundamentals; Developing the Project Plan; Tracking Progress; and Reporting and Analyzing Project Information.  The next parts explore topics typically encountered when using Microsoft Project 2010 in a corporate environment: Managing Multiple Projects; Integrating Project 2010 with Other Programs; and Managing Projects Across Your Enterprise.  The final part focuses on the individual user: Customizing and Managing Project Files and useful Appendixes for installing MS Project 2010, Online Resources and finally, Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts.  There are also troubleshooting topics index and a general topic index.

Successful Project Management is divided into six parts following typical project progression phases.  The final part is titled “Beyond Projects” and has an executive management target which may provide readers materials and topics when promoting project management techniques.  Companion content, such as forms and templates, is available via a web site.


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About the Reviewer

Ginan Kalenik, PMP

Ginan Kalenik, PMP, is president of BMP Management, Inc and currently working as a project manager at Dell Services in Plano, Texas, USA.  Ginan is involved in the PMI Dallas Chapter, currently serving on the 2011-2012 Board of Directors as VP – Operations and Support.  She can be contacted at [email protected].

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