The Inspiration Code


Book Title:   The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day
Author: Kristi Hedges
Publisher: American Management Association
List Price:   $24.95
Format: Hard cover, 288 pages
Publication Date:   2017    
ISBN: 978-0-8144-3789-6
Reviewer:  Yolanda Morgan-Davis
Review Date: July 2017



At our monthly PMI meeting, I was drawn to this book but had some trepidation because I was not sure if a six week commitment was enough time for me to read and review a book. I am so glad that through my busyness I was determined to keep the commitment I made to my chapter representative. It was well worth it. The book was jam packed with information, inspiration, wisdom and practical applications that I could not skip around because each chapter built upon the other. For the methodical, A-personality with a streak of creativity that I am, this book was an absolute joy to read. From chapter one to chapter twelve I felt that Kristi was my personal coach and I loved every minute of it.

After 15-months in a DeVos training initiative my purpose evolved—to transform youth (11-18) to become balanced individuals in competence (what they know) and conscience (who they are) for college and career readiness through socialization skills training. There is not enough emphasis being placed on the social intelligence skills that future leaders need to be successful. I always tell my students that practice makes permanent.   If students are introduced to the Inspire Path conversation (be Present, be Personal, be Passionate and be Purposeful) at 11 years old, they have seven years to develop into an inspirational communicator. If they learn this concept as part of their after-school training, they will be better prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead of them in life.

The Inspiration Code is allowing my organization to developed leaders into eagles not ducks that Mac Anderson talks about in his book, You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School. I truly believe the notion that leaders are not born but made.

Overview of Book’s Structure

As I concluded this book and the memorable experience I had reading and taking notes, I thank God that He guided me on a journey while reading this book. The passion and purpose I have grew even stronger through my reading; however, what excited me the most about this book was the ‘concept-in-action’ sections that guided me on how to maintain and practice the learning. It gave you a clearer concept of the information Kristi just discussed in the chapter.

This made all the difference in truly making the learning my own. Now if you think you missed key points in the chapter, Kristi gives you “Takeaways after each chapter. Don’t just scan the takeaway pages in the book to think that you will get the big picture, you will not, Kristi has sprinkled nuggets all through the chapters, with book summaries, scholars’ sayings and practitioners’ research findings that you don’t want to miss.

I have a reading list for all the grade levels in my curriculum; I am adding this book to my senior high reading list. There are three books that had a significant impact on my life; I am making this a fourth one. It was life changing and thought provoking. I have a “who am I” section in my curriculum for my students; after reading this book I feel that I need to enhance that session to include a personal branding statement. I see so many possibilities that my mind is racing and I am off the chart excited.


As leaders, we must create a condition for inspiration in others. The way we do this is to trigger inspiration through conversation. Seek to inspire others because you can. It is here in the introduction where the Inspire Path model was introduced.


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About the Reviewer


Yolanda Morgan-Davis

North Texas, USA




Ms. Davis helps to create opportunities that will transform how students look and approach school and life, resulting in life-long learners and change agents in the community. As a trainer, Ms. Davis feels that there is a bridge between information and transformation. In an academic setting through teaching, information is conveyed to students. In a training session, students build upon their academic knowledge and are opened to transforming possibilities of what they can do and become. This is where Ms. Davis greatest contribution comes in, when she can presents students with opportunities that connects with the fulfillment of their dream.

The level of education of its citizens defines the economic strength of a country. Ms. Davis is committed to empowering young people to achieve superior performance with motivational messaging tools, inventive personal development resources and academic city tours to compete in a global society. In 2000, The International NET XChange Group, a consulting, mentoring and college preparatory organization for youth between the ages of 11-18 was incorporated by Ms. Davis. The organization addresses areas of social development to maximize personal growth and academic potential.

NET XChange Accomplishments

  • Coordinated the “Chicago Career Shadowing” tour with nine corporations, colleges and universities for youth between the ages of 15-18
  • “Pathway to Freedom Traveling Exhibit” focusing on the Trail of Tears, Underground Railroad and the Civil Rights Movement ―       an exhibit for youth created by youth, parents and chaperones
  • Designed “Train2Serve” – Career readiness training for youth
  • Designed “Scholastic Marathon Training-Get Ready, Get Set Let’s Go – College-prep training for youth
  • Coordinated social skills training seminars for youth development
  • Established NETXC book club with youth facilitators — promoting reading, writing and vocabulary

While working to build a youth organization, I have held several successful positions in an effort to fulfill my career goals. My skills encompass the ability to manage projects from planning to completion, software and hardware installation, network conversion, multiple systems support (mainframes, client servers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices).

Career Accomplishments

  • Texas A & M Commerce, MBA; Texas Woman’s University, BS; PMP Certified
  • Shekinah Radiance Academy – Community Liaison
  • Allstate Insurance – IT Project Manager
  • Halliburton Company – Network Professional
  • Texas Instruments – IT System Administrator and Trainer

Educational, Certification and Professional Training

Texas A& M Commerce, Commerce, TX – MBA: Instructional Design Training

Business Management

Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX – BS: True Colors Certification

Business Administration

Project Management Professional

DiSC Certification

Foundation in Professional Ethics Training

DeVos Urban Youth Leadership Training

Beyond the Open Door— To Servant Leadership: A servant leader requires a deep humility as well as a willingness to pour yourself into the good of others. You get greatness out of people by expecting it from them. In the words of Karen Pittman, “We must be able to undergird a sustained effort to bring all young people into the civil, social and economic arenas of their communities as lifelong learners, workers and change agents.” Ms. Davis encourages young people to become purpose-driven and balanced individuals in competence and conscience.

She can be contacted at [email protected]


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