The Inspiration Code


Book Title: The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day
Author: Kristi Hedges
Publisher:  American Management Association
List Price:   $24.95           Format:  Hard cover, 288 pages
Publication Date: 2017       ISBN: 978-0-8144-3789-6
Reviewer: Tiziana Barrow
Review Date:   November 2017



As a speaker and coach who concentrates on persuasion and exercising influence, I am fascinated on what motivates people, and drives them to change or act. I was drawn to “The Inspirational Code” because I am always open to learn and explore new techniques. Kristi Hedges’ book is an inspiration, where she introduces her Inspire Path model. Given that inspiration takes place during conversations, Kristi breaks down the elements and uncovers the subtleness that injects light, and spark inspiration into any conversation. The book is broken down into 4 parts:

  • Present: the gift of attention
  • Personal: putting yourself into it
  • Passionate: bringing heart and energy
  • Purposeful: spotlighting meaning

Overview of Book’s Structure

The Inspiration Code is well written and well organized. As a result, it is both enjoyable and easy book to read. Kristi framed key concepts throughout the chapters by bolding and underlining text. She has clearly labeled “Concept in Action” sections and each chapter end with a “Takeaways” page summarizing key concepts.

She is an exceptional storyteller and uses examples to explain concepts. The book is well researched and contains significant research data. Kristi references numerous other books where concepts/topics are further developed in detail and provides recommendations as to next steps.  My personal copy of the book has been turned into a workbook because I have highlighted sections and comments that I will be referring to in years to come.


Being an inspirational person means to be a catalyst for a spark to take place. The trigger might be a person, an idea or an experience. The individual receives both an insight as well as the drive to move into action: “It is both an insight and an energetic push.”

Highlights: What I liked!

This is the first business book I’ve read that addresses the importance and use of energy when communicating and influencing others.  “Energy is a tool we can harness and cultivate to great effect. To do so, first know what gives you energy about your message, synch that up with your audience, and display your passion verbally and nonverbally.”


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About the Reviewer

Tiziana Barrow

Washington D.C. USA


Tiziana Barrow
is a Change Agent Coach. She has spent the last 20+ years of her career in the High-Tech Industry in positions such as Project manager, Principal Marketing Consultant, and Director of Marketing. As a consultant she has led people through change management and as a result, she is a student of resistance, conflict and ultimately has made a science out of it. She has launched a program for women to step into their power because she has personally struggled with it and was repeatedly frustrated by losing control and giving up her own power. By opening the discussion with re-defining power for women, understanding the embodiment of power, she is creating a community of powerful ladies, that desire to become more effective leaders.

Tiziana Barrow is people focused, world traveled and compassionate.  Born and raised in Italy she has since lived in the UK, the Netherlands and across the USA. She is a “change agent coach” helping executives to step into their power and exercise influence.

She can be contacted at: [email protected] 


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