The Idea Agent


idea-agentBook Title:  The Idea Agent

Author:  Linda M. Echeverria

Publisher:  AMACOM

Format:  Hard cover; 273 pages

Publication Date:   2013

ISBN: 978-0-08144-3217-4

Reviewer:  Nazanin Mehrooz, PMP

Review Date:              February 2013

Introduction to the Book

To survive the current competitive demands, leaders of companies need to ensure their organizations bring forth innovative ideas and drive them to fruition.  This book shares the author’s journey of emotional battles, triumphs and failures while developing new technologies and converted them into successful products at Corning.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book contains 16 sections:

  1. Prologue:  Leadership for Fast-Paced Innovation
  2. My Personal Journey – Conflict in Art and Science
  3. Passion 1 – Into the Ring of Fire
  4. My Personal Journey – Finding My Wings
  5. Passion 2 – Let the Best Take Flight
  6. My Personal Journey – Standing Up for Values
  7. Passion 3 – Live Values That Liberate Creativity
  8. My Personal Journey – Demand for Excellence in the TropicalRain Forest
  9. Passion 4 – Demand Excellence and Enrich Lives
  10. My Personal Journey – Culture in the South Pacific
  11. Passion 5 – Create a Culture
  12. My Personal Journey – An Urgency for Structure
  13. Passion 6 – Structure a Clear Organization
  14. My Personal Journey – On My way to France
  15. Passion 7 – Provide Authentic Leadership
  16. Epilogue – Let Life Continue

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

  • The author shares her emotional experiences in battling creative freedom versus adherence to processes.
  • Maximizing the ability to draw out full potentials of the best performers (by knowing their personal passions, idiosyncrasies and strengths) and understanding their low boredom threshold, desire not to be led and expectation of instant access can help leaders create an environment where they can thrive and feel supported to deliver breakthrough innovations in spite of challenges.
  • Instilling values which liberate creativity, transparency, integrity, trust and passion is essential to foster innovative breakthroughs.  Respect, interdependence and freedom should be part of the organizational culture.  Having these in place will contribute to flexibility, rigor and fun which foster creativity.

Highlights: What I liked!

The author shares her real life experiences. The challenges she faced are very true to life and are useful lessons learned for the readers.  The seven elements to create a culture of success in delivering innovation are essential for leaders to incorporate into their environment.  


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About the Reviewer

flag-usaNazanin-MehroozNazanin Mehrooz, PMP 

Nazanin Mehrooz studied software engineering and has worked in many industries (including defense and telecom).  Most recently, her focus has been on IT operations, project and program management. She is an active volunteer for the Dallas and Ft Worth, Texas chapters of the Project Management Institute (PMI®).  Email: [email protected]