The Healthy Workplace


healthy-workplaceBook Title:    The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees – and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line
Author:  Leigh Stringer, LEED AP
Publisher:  AMACOM
List Price:   US$27.95        Format:  Hardback, 256 pages
Publication Date:   July 2016        ISBN: 978-0814437438
Reviewer:     Larry Barnett, PMP
Review Date:   September 2016



Leigh Stringer, LEED AP, introduces The Healthy Workplace with a bit of personal humor to describe how the typical workplace of the 21st century may not contribute to the overall health of its workers.

The alarming increase in the cost of care, however, is not humorous.  In fact, a major portion of the cost of health care services goes to treat non-communicable, chronic illness.  Employers are paying a large part of that cost, and are seeing an increasing correlation between employee health and their bottom line.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The first few chapters of The Healthy Workplace discuss the historical development of humans, of industry, and the evolution of work and the human workplace.  They also raise concern about current and recent conditions in the workplace.  The modern workplace, in general, has been slow to respond to any such alarms.  However, some leading companies have been purposefully investing in the overall health of their employees, and are seeing real and lasting benefits.  Stringer discusses how flow, group flow, creativity, and a certain degree of control all work together to reduce stress and increase performance.

The next chapters consider the human physiology and how best to fine-tune it for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  The author describes how physical movement can counteract the effects of sedentary behavior.  Moreover, she shows how movement can both expend and create energy, while motivating people toward better performance.  An entire chapter is devoted to practical ways of reducing stress and increasing focus.  Another chapter even targets ways to improve sleep habits.

The last two chapters describe how some well-known companies have successfully implemented strategies laid out in The Healthy Workplace.  Examples show how company culture can substantiate a health culture and positively affect the bottom line.  Finally, Ms. Stringer lays out strategies for building a business case for expanding or implementing a Health Initiative.


The author closes with a year 2025 projection.  It is a hypothetical tale of two paths — business-as-usual or the evolved workplaceBusiness-as-usual requires little initiative; it leads to a bleak, unhealthy outcome. The path of the evolved workplace leads to healthy people, healthy companies, and healthy economies.  It is the result of a continuing and deliberate mindset shift to The Healthy Workplace.


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