The GPM Reference Guide to Sustainability in Project Management


prismBook Title:  The GPM Reference Guide to Sustainability in Project Management

Authors:  Joel Carboni, Monica Gonzalez, and Jeff Hodgkinson

Publisher:  Green Project Management

List Price:   $19.95

Format:  electronic; 157 pages

Publication Date: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-62209-660-2

Reviewer:      David M. Simon

Review Date:              March 2013

My Overall Assessment

In recognizing the frightening position we find ourselves in modern day times surrounded by inferior quality of workmanship, process, products, and etc., we often look for a mechanism by which we can right our wrongs from actions past.

When we take a look from a project management standpoint, we can see our efforts have contributed to this very pitfall in today’s world where “cheap cheap cheap” is the motto, and cutting cost is the mechanism.

When we do this we fail to understand the long term implications of this way of “doing business” and we slowly degrade the very basis that made us great.

This book, The GPM Reference Guide to: Sustainability in Project Management would be considered in my opinion, the Holy Grail of Project Management Guides with a focus on Sustainability in Project Management.  It is a body of knowledge by which we can move forward to fix the erroneous practices of maximizing profit at the expense of everything and everyone. 

What the Authors Convey

By covering the fundamentals of what sustainability is the Authors are able to show what sustainable methods in Project Management truly are and how this methodology (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods, aka PRiSM) they have developed will be the world changing system of processes we desperately need in the Project Management Community (PMC).

By focusing on simply the Profit as our only bottom line, we in the PMC have contributed to a world full of projects which have been performed with the cheapest labor, the cheapest materials, and ultimately the cheapest practices acceptable to produce a service or product.

What the Authors do is show how a triple bottom line (People, Planet, and then Profit) can be focused upon in project managing which will ultimately result in a better solution for all of those stakeholders who we have the responsibility to perform for as project managers.

The most interesting aspect developed in this book is the Sustainable application to the Triple Bottom Line which they have dubbed as P5.  P5 is a groundbreaking concept which focuses on Sustainability in regard to the People, the Planet, and Profit (P3) through the Practices and the Products.  


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About the Reviewer 

kuwait-flagflag-usadavid-simonDavid M. Simon, PMP, GPM-b 

David M. Simon is a former U.S. Army Ranger and current Project Manager and Owner of DarNofa Construction & Interior Design, a construction and project management company in Kuwait and the USA.  He has a broad range of experience in project management and sustainability consulting in the Middle East and in the USA.  David is a member of PMI-AGC Kuwait, was the Director of Performance for the Kuwait Chapter, and is active in the Global Sustainability Community of Knowledge for PMI.  David can be reached by email at [email protected]