The Confidence Effect


pmwj44-Mar2016-Malik-BOOKBook Title:   The Confidence Effect: Every Woman’s Guide to the Attitude That Attracts Success
Author: Grace Killelea
Publisher: AMACOM American Management Association
List Price:   $23.00  Format:
Hardcover, 224 pages
Publication Date: January 2016   
ISBN: 9780814436417
Reviewer:     Baninder Malik
Review Date: March 2016


The premise of the book is that even though women work much harder than men, it isn’t the lack of knowledge or skills but the lack of general confidence and strong professional brand that is the main roadblock that holds us back from the opportunities that we so well deserve; opportunities, that we may not even know existed. Very often working hard and doing a good job is not enough. End of the day, its all about connecting with your inner self and taking ownership of the aspects of our personality that directly affect the direction we want to be in.

I believe that the book does a beautiful job of presenting an easy to implement yet effective toolkit for pursuing success; the one that combines competence with confidence.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The center point of the book is the 4Rs of success that constitute competence-confidence toolkit. These 4Rs are Relationship, Reputation, Results and Resilience.

The book has a very consistent flow and is very well structured in four subsections devoted to each of the 4Rs. Each of these subsections are further composed of 4-5 smaller chapters that elaborate on these 4Rs using relatable examples, personal stories and words of wisdom from women in corporate America in a tone that sounds very personal.

The best part though is the simple and relatable language that puts across the message it intends to without intimidation. It does not demean men neither does it asks us to find blame in the cultural surroundings that we have little or no control over. Instead it challenges women to practice the simple alterations to our ‘personal brand’ to improve how we are ‘perceived’ by others at the workplace.


As mentioned before, the key highlight of the book is the discussion around the 4Rs of success and how important each of these is in an individual’s professional toolkit. The chapters devoted to each of these 4R’s are full of nuggets of wisdom which essentially are common sense but put together in the right flow are inspiring at best.


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