The Camino Way



Book Title:  The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain
Author:  Victor Prince
Publisher:  AMACOM
List Price:   $21.95
Format:  Hardcover, 208 pages
Publication Date:   July 13, 2017 
ISBN: 9780814438244
Reviewer:     Linus Toy, JD
Review Date:   October 2017



Santiago de Compostela is a historic pilgrimage destination on the northwest corner of Spain. The Camino de Santiago is the term often used to describe a pilgrimage journey to that destination. Originally a faith-oriented journey for those seeking an indulgence, forgiveness or penitence, in recent years, it has become a journey for not just the faithful, but also those seeking self-awareness, personal learning, and sometimes, just a tour.

Victor Prince relates the story of his Camino experience, transforming his journey from “just another tour” to a juxtaposition of his prior professional life with a series of soul-baring realizations. Ultimately, he turns the Spirit of The Camino into a series of leadership lessons he wishes he’d learned earlier in life.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Prince starts off with a historical context of the Christian Pilgrimage. Describing how pilgrimage locations rose and fell in prominence across time, he sets the stage for the contemporary rise and popularity of Santiago de Compostela as a pilgrimage destination, and the many routes (literally and figuratively) to Santiago as the Camino de Santiago.

The first half of the book then weaves together The Spirit of The Camino, 7 suggestions to enjoy or succeed in a Camino journey, with relevant anecdotes and tales of his experience from the business and government service career he previously held.

The last half of the book is a series of lessons and realizations the author holds out as a way forward for his future professional life, as well as his sharing and giving back. This part of the book is perhaps less developed and consistent, combining a disjointed mix of lessons for leadership in organizations, personal growth, and suggestions for approaching one’s own Camino journey.


Throughout the book, Prince uses quotes from fellow Camino pilgrims, either those he met in person, or those he met virtually through blogging and essays on his own Camino journey before authoring this book. By design, these many varied quotes and messages reinforces the concept that a Camino journey, regardless of purpose, is personal in nature, not to be prescribed our “guided” by outside influence.


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