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Book Title: The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value Through Portfolio Management          
Author:  Iain Fraser Dip PPC, PMP, MoP, P3M3, PMI Fellow, Fellow PMINZ
Publisher:  Project Management Institute
List Price:   $44.95
Format:  Hard Cover, 166 pages
Publication Date:   2017
ISBN: 9781628253726
Reviewer: Kimberly S. Varner, PMP
Review Date:   August 2018



Managing your organization’s multi-million dollar project takes a lot of time, talent, and resources to succeed, but what does it take to ensure you have a high-functioning company that understands its value? If you lead or work for an organization that is stagnant or not thriving fiscally, The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value Through Portfolio Management, is an excellent primer for you. Author Iain Fraser, a 30-year business veteran, shares his knowledge on the complex, but courageous and attainable steps you can take to cultivate a more sustainable organization portfolio.

So, what is a portfolio and what is portfolio management? A portfolio is a collection of programs of work, projects, and other work group together to facilitate effective management of that work to meet strategic business objectives. The content of each portfolio may not necessarily be interdependent or directly related. The purpose of portfolio management is to make sure programs and projects support the organization’s strategic objectives and goals.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value Through Portfolio Management is a 166-page book packed with insights, processes, case studies, and strong recommendations on how best to increase value to your organization’s portfolio.

The front of the publication includes background on the book’s reference material, buy-in from key experts, and details on Iain Fraser’s expertise. The “Acknowledgements” section informs you of the reference materials and methodologies used to write the book, as well as the organizations and subject matter experts who supported the development of this publication. “About the Author” will reassure you Fraser is a knowledgeable business owner and consultant, who is an expert on the complex phases, levels, and intricacies of business management. Then, David L. Pells, managing editor of PM World Journal penned the “Foreword.” Pells emphasizes the critical need for strong portfolio management, the timeliness of what he describes as this “executive guide to implementing effective portfolio management,” and endorses Fraser’s ability to craft this handy resource. In the “Introduction” Fraser informs readers that he wrote the book to help readers use powerful value-driven portfolio management to link strategy and implementation.  He also includes a brief synopsis on each section.

The book is comprised of four sections, each with a preceding quote to set the tone. For example, Section 1 – Organizational Woes and Wishes, which addresses the importance of embracing change and new ways of working to sustain success, kicks off with a Winston Churchill quote: “Continuous effort –not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” The additional sections, which are each approximately 30-40 pages, are: Section 2 – Portfolio Management: A Way of Doing Business, Section 3: Using Program and Project Management to Deliver Change and Realize Benefits, and Section 4 – Supporting Functions: Time for Change!


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About the Reviewer

Kimberly S. Varner

Maryland, USA



Kim Varner has more than 23 years of writing, public relations, marketing, event, and project management experience—as well as deep experience designing and conducting outreach to underserved populations. Over the course of her career, she has developed communications plans and content for clients across the health, education, safety, technology, medical, sports, and entertainment industries.

Kim earned her Master of Arts in journalism from the University of Maryland at College Park, and previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in mass media arts from Hampton University. Kim obtained her Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Certification in March 2018.


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