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Book Title:  The Audio PMP Exam Prep: Conversations on Passing the PMP Exam
Author:  Carl Pritchard and Bruce Falk
Publisher:  CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group
List Price:   $69.95
Format:  Audio Book
Publication Date:  2017
ISBN: ISBN 9781138196087
Reviewer:  Swati Shah
Review Date: September 2018



The Audio PMP Exam Prep: Conversations on Passing the PMP Exam is an on-the-go audio tool to help candidates prepare for one of the most challenging certification exams pertaining to the Project Management profession. If you are interested in learning about the PMP exam in a fun, engaging, and entertaining way, look no further!

In this audiobook, Project Management Professionals (PMPs) Carl Pritchard and Bruce Falk have used real-life examples, provided entertaining mnemonics and shared numerous resources to help listeners understand and remember key concepts of Project Management.

Overview of Book’s Structure

While preparing for the PMP exam, tasks like reading, understanding, and memorizing the concepts in the PMBOK Guide can be very daunting. This audiobook makes these tasks not only manageable but also enjoyable.

As the name implies, the audio set covers conversation between two skilled professionals on topics covered in PMBOK Guide 6th edition. In the set, there are over two dozen mp3 audio files, approximately 20 minutes each. These include two segments on every knowledge area and cover information about the exam application process as well as tips-and-tricks for completing the 200 questions in the allotted time. Also included are discussions on key success factors such as avoiding overthinking and tips to narrow down available options to quickly find the correct answers.

The audio chapters are very well aligned with the PMBOK guide. The conversations are natural and logical, and they capture all the main concepts in the book.


The PMBOK 6th edition has a few material changes relative to the previous editions. In my opinion, Carl and Bruce do a good job of highlighting the new concepts and elaborating the discussion on these topics.

One of the best parts of the audio set is the PMP Part II where they explain the processes using an example of “painting a room”.  This illustrative audio technique makes it very easy to understand the core concepts of Project Management and clarifies the role of Project Managers.


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About the Reviewer

Swati Shah

Texas, USA




Swati Shah currently works as a Project Coordinator at a manufacturing company based in Irving, TX. She was previously an elementary school teacher. Swati secured her CAPM certificate and has applied her teaching skills and experience to successfully transition to a career in Project Management. She aspires to secure her PMP certification soon.


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