The Age of Agile



Book Title:  The Age of Agile: How Smart Companies are Transforming the Way Work Gets Done
Author:  Stephen Denning
Publisher:  American Management Association
List Price:  $28.00
Format: Hard cover, 336 pages
Publication Date: Feb 2018
ISBN: 9780814439098
Reviewer:  Alvin Keen, MBA, MPM, SCPM, LSSBB, GB, CCIM, CFM, FMA
Review Date:  August 2018



The Age of Agile is a book that is very relevant and applicable for all industries that are dealing with change in their markets, customers, competition regarding product development, implementation, support and continued evolution of product lines.   It addresses how Agile evolve in the software industry and is both morphing and impacting product lines (both hardware and software) in other industries as to the rate of product development and implementation timelines.

As one reads Agile, you will think of many firms that floundered, failed, and equally many that are presently struggling transforming their organizations and products to be more Agile for increasing customer demands.   The customer now no longer has longevity in loyalty with products if these do not meet increasing functionality capabilities to support the Customer.  Companies now face competition that can erode established market presence through faster compressed product development and implementing to catch the customer’s attention.   Welcome to the Agile World.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The Age of Agile book is organized into two main sections which are Agile Management and Management Traps.

Section One — we get some background history of Agile evolution in software.   The background of Agile is to harness through collaboration, smaller work pieces, rapid implementation, smaller and tighter team cohesion, and sharing-learning through cross functions (reductions in silo’s) to help fuel the Agile team culture and performance.

The 3 main laws in Agile are identified as:

  • Law of Small Team – smaller autonomous teams, smaller work batches, and adaptive learning attitude
  • Law of Customer – Customer is “now the center” for business universe to focus upon to produce products with the “wow” factor in fit, form and functions for customers.
  • Law of Network – adaptive, evolution, cellular networks for organizing, resourcing, and supporting teams.

Section Two – discusses management traps and how firms deal with these in an Agile climate.  These traps are:


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About the Reviewer

Alvin Keen

Texas, USA



Alvin Keen has earned a MBA in Finance, Master of Science in Project Management, Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), DOD DAWIA – Level II Program Management and Level II in Contract Management certifications, Graduate of DOD Program Manager College.   He earned Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt (LSSBB and GB) and has served in project management in aerospace, oil and gas, and military industries. He currently serves as adjunct professor teaching corporate finance, project management, quality systems, and organization theories.


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