Ten Critical Steps to Achieving Magnetic Leadership with Teams


By Dianne M. Durkin


Magnetic leaders inspire others to be the best they can be and to perform at optimal levels.  They are a contagious force that clearly knows how to set the direction for a team or project.  They are able to clearly, concisely and consistently communicate the plan so that individuals become engaged and empowered to perform at their best individually and as a team.

A magnetic leader understands a T.E.A.M. brings out the best in everyone because:

Together Everyone Achieves More

Magnetic leaders realize that leadership is an engine.  It’s an engine that allows for team creativity and innovation in developing solutions to major business issues and implementing project goals and objectives.  Magnetic leaders encourage every team member to bring their brains to work and fully engage and empower team members to think outside the box and contribute at their best.  Magnetic leaders look to the future and think through how their actions or the team’s actions will affect longer term results.

Below are 10 steps to help leaders achieve maximum team results when working on specific projects:

1. Develop the Powerful Trio of Vision, Purpose and Values. The project vision needs to be stated clearly, concisely and consistently.  The purpose needs to be simple.  Goals, principles and values of how the team members are expected to behave and act should be set forth at the beginning of the project.  In addition it is helpful to identify each team member’s strengths and areas for development.  In this way their strengths can be utilized to their maximum.

2. Identify the Team Behavioral Styles.  Every individual is unique and has different needs and reactions to stress and pressure.  Magnetic leaders help team members understand their individual styles and focus the energies of each team member to achieve the overall goals and objectives set forth for the project.


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Dianne Durkin is president and founder of Loyalty Factor, a specialized consulting and training company that enhances employee, customer and brand loyalty for some of America’s most prominent corporations and many smaller businesses. Durkin has over 25 years experience in finance, direct sales, international marketing and training and development. Dianne’s proven expertise lies in helping companies quickly get to the core issues and outlining their impact on the organization’s profits, productivity and people. She authored “The Loyalty Factor: Building Employee, Customer and Brand Loyalty,”” and the newly released “The Power of Magnetic Leadership: It’s Time to Get R.E.A.L.”  Dianne can be contacted at [email protected].