Succeeding with Senior Management


Book Title:    Succeeding with Senior Management: Getting the Right Support at the Right Time for Your Project
Author:  G. Michael Campbell, PMP
Publisher:  AMACOM
List Price:   $24.95
Format: Soft Cover, 224 Pages
Publication Date:   2017    
ISBN: 9780814438527
Reviewer:     David Kressin, PMP
Review Date: 10/2017



Communication within an enterprise is a given with any project.  As the project get larger and more complex the requirements to use all of the communication tools available to a manager are integral.  Yet, this is something that is expected of managers and never taught.  Campbell has taken a strong swing at organizing the framework of communication referenced in the PMBOK and making it understandable.  More, Campbell enhances this by providing a deep dive into the processes for properly utilizing Senior Management to ensure a project’s success.  Campbell has created a communication guide that I will reference many times in the future.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Each chapter in the book is methodically laid out in a standard introduction, body and summary format.  However, like a small quiz at the end of each class, Campbell adds a set of “bullet points”, or as I call them “thinking points”, at the end of each chapter to drive home the goals and core takeaways of that chapter. They also act as a great reference point when going back to the chapter later.

Although there are 22 chapters and each stands alone with a subject unto itself there is an underlying message that crosses them all.  Prepare executive before the project starts, keep them informed and engaged throughout the project and don’t be afraid to challenge them.  All to ensure a successful project in the end.

The book provides the communication tools and methods needed for managers to engage and utilize Senior Management to obtain needed decision, resolve or mitigate office and project conflicts, handle competition and cross functional issues and overcome office politics to get to a successful project completion.


The book started slow, reiterating many of the same concepts present in the PMBOK and other similar books.  However, Campbell has done a good job of organizing these concepts, that I often times felt were too academic and pie in the sky, and applying them to actual real-world projects.


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About the Reviewer

David Kressin, PMP

North Texas, USA


David Kressin, PMP
is a senior program manager in the retail and wholesale logistics industry specializing in improving warehouse strategic and tactical operations, labor and systems efficiencies. He has worked for over 35 years managing resource efficiency improvements and logistics, transportation, warehouse management software implementations in the retail and wholesale warehousing environments.  His concentration is in the high volume grocery, food and drug industries.  He has successfully planned, implemented, and managed several strategic projects to improve warehouse and logistics efficiencies around the world.  For the past 20 years he has been working as an independent consultant. David Kressin can be contacted at [email protected]

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